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Our Garden

Kamar-Taj Queen
Other feline
© Amelia
8.75 (13.25) years
Height: 22 in
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Weight: 79 lbs

Our Garden


Loving can heal
Loving can mend your soul
And it's the only thing that I know

Thanks to her careful foraging, The Ancient One had secured a few magical herbs for Kamar-Taj -- though not all of them. It had been a while since she'd gotten them, so they were now flourishing in the gardens of Kamar-Taj thanks to her diligent care. She checked on them at least every other day, and today was one of those days. They looked healthy. Vibrant, full leaves. The fruiting ones had full, ripe fruit and were ready to be used. Thankfully, she'd had no reason to use any of them. Her magic could heal many things. These herbs were to fill in the gaps. To heal what she could not or if she was not available. She was still the best healer available in the realm (though she hoped to pass on her skills and knowledge to any student willing to learn). Until then, however, her magic was the first source of aid she had to offer.

She tended to the garden with a smile, removing weeds to preserve nutrients for the magical herbs and watering as needed by pouring it from a bowl onto the roots.

Text | "Talk."

She wears many pieces of jewelry: a silver eight-spoked Dharmachakra on a leather chord, a jade bracelet (around her right forepaw), prayer beads (around her left forepaw), a silver lotus ring a gold ring engraved with symbols (both on her left paw), a silver ring with a pink gemstone.


Other mammal
© Ariela
1.25 years
Height: 30/35in
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Weight: 216/270lbs

RE: Our Garden

Her meditation was improving slowly but it was improving. Every time she tried it felt less and less like letting putting herself in danger by letting down her guard. It was progress and she would have to be happy with it. Even if she wanted it to go faster. It was after one of her mediation sections and she walked back to the temple. She found it impossible to do it with others nearby. There she spotted the kind lady doing something to the little garden. She wasn't sure what. She was curious, but did not move closer. Instead she stood there watching. On one side she wanted to learn on the other she knew it was best to keep her distance. The lady had been kind but it would not last forever. At some point it would turn. She did not know when but she was sure it would. She did not want to get attached. Even if she liked staying here.

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