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All Welcome Eggstravaganza!

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(This post was last modified: 05-21-2020, 06:48 AM by Staff. Edited 15 times in total.)

The day is bright, just past noon. Warmth floods the land, despite the season, and another surprise awaits those that approach. Colored eggs, dyed and patterned, are strewn about the plant life! What could they be hiding within them?

Characters of all ages may participate.

To participate, post your character searching through various colored eggs -- hidden about Syuna's Courtyard! -- and choose a number at the bottom of your first post (1-200). This will determine what, if anything, your character finds inside the fake egg they have chosen.

Choosing numbers will end April 15th at 11:59, and prizes will be announced as the game progresses.

If your first number isn't a winner, feel free to try a second number in another post or a third after that. This is true per character, not per roleplayer. There is no posting order, and numbers cannot be repeated. There is a limit of ONE prize per character. <3 There is a prank egg (which makes your character change colors). This prank egg counts as a prize. You cannot open another egg after.

Unavailable Numbers
1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 18. 19.
20. 23. 25. 27.
33. 35. 37. 38.
40. 42. 45. 47.
50. 51. 52. 55. 56.
60. 61. 63. 66. 69.
74. 76. 78. 79.
81. 82. 86. 88.
90. 95. 98. 99.
100. 101.
116. 119.
120. 123.
150. 151. 158. 159.
166. 167.
184. 187.

REDEEMABLE REWARDS SECTION: Please use these rewards as soon as you know what to apply them to as this thread eventually will be deleted in a thread clean up at some point in time. The rewards listed below are specific only to the character who has received it. They may not be used for other characters. How to these rewards should be explained on the posted staff result for your character's roll.

The list will only have your characters name crossed out once it has been logged into records.

Unredeemed : Redeemed
1. Elemental Jewelry - Caelan. Kairyn. Varo.

2. Elemental lvl - Anastasia. Bretton. Delilah. Devon. Konoha. Layla. Rodrigo. Sabrina. Siekta.

3. Free Feat - Ariodeoux. Adrian. Athos. Cayaarta. Fraya. Hibiki. Iris. Randavae. Rumiko. Star.

4. Lvl 1 Unique power - Arleigh. Bellona. Caedis. Cecilia. Emilien. Eris. Hera. Herlief. Kohana. Mononoke. Noam. Perses. Solomon. Valravn.


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RE: Eggstravaganza!



The child was unsure has to why she was here but she felt drawn to this place. A place that seemed comforting, warm and welcoming. It was a place that felt peaceful and for once the child seemed to lack that persistent fear of new things. If asked the child probably wouldn't be able to explain but just shrug and go about her way quietly. After all she was a child that seldom spoke - not because she couldn't but because of the anxiety and fear that came with it. She was a peaceful and quiet child despite the constant fear she felt of the unknown.

She was a child that couldn't run, jump or play but one that didn't mind it to much as she was one that rather liked laying still and listening to nature's songs - the birds sing, the bees humming and the wind blowing through the grass as well as the trees. Whistling and humming happily and offering a coolness to the hotter temperatures. She walked at her slow pace, her paws shuffling along the ground. Lately she had grown more and more use to being without her sight and was hardly stumbling when she moved. Of course every now and then a rock, twig or a root would trip her up and cause her to fall but it was all a learning process and the child refused to let it best her. As she shuffled along her paw tapped against something, oval shaped. Fur rising along her spine she stepped back a step and swung her head to and fro, panic rising in her little chest. She could tell it wasn't a rock for it had shifted at her touch.. Had she gone somewhere that was forbidden? Had she trampled into someones nest or was she near an edge where she could fall.. The child shifted a paw and moved it forwards towards the shape once more and past it, feeling the ground still there she straightened and moved closer. Snuffling at the shape the child noted that there was no scent near it.. Strange. Lifting a paw she tapped it lightly and brought it close to her before she ran her paw over it. An egg? Was there no mother? The child pulled the egg closer and attempted to lay over top of it. She would just have to take care of it herself then.

Number 40
text. "speech."


Hibiki only speaks Japanese. She can only understand bits and pieces of English but she cannot say but a few words in the language and even then it's very poor.
-Hibiki is of diminutive size only weigh 77lbs and reaching 28inches at the shoulder when fully grown. She is also extremely frail and cannot run or jump around much due to asthma.


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RE: Eggstravaganza!

Vej led the way, hurrying ahead of her mother and her aunt. In her mind, she was speeding way beyond them, blazing the trail like an explorer of a new world! In actuality, she was never more than a few feet ahead of Regalia and Frigga (who smiled at her youthful antics).

As they'd left the Kingdom's lands, Regalia had howled for the youth of the realms to come along if they desired. Of course, Vej hadn't gotten a choice. Going out and socializing was important, so Regalia tried to ensure her kids went to all the fun events. Childhood went by too fast, she knew, so it was important to make sure they had fun at every opportunity.

Frigga rode Regalia's back as a northern cardinal (via shift), resting her legs and her wings. Her eyes traced the youthful, excited movements of her niece as they walked. "She's precious."

"Don't I know it," Regalia replied, grinning. "I make damn cute kids, don't I?"

Frigga laughed at the unabashed confidence. "You do indeed."

When they finally reached their destination, Frigga hopped off of Regalia but remained in cardinal form.

At first, Vej hovered close to her mother. Until Regalia nudged her. "Go on. Go play." So, the little lynx stumbled away from her guardians until she came across a round thing in the grass...


OC: This post contains Solveg, Reg, and Frigga. Big Grin Vej is pronounced Vey (because it's old Norse).

"Frigga Speaks" | "Regalia Speaks"

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RE: Eggstravaganza!

Varo had arrived here in Yavania several months prior to learn about magic and find a new home. He spent that time exploring slowly and privately during the winter and spring months to ease himself into the land he was going to live in. Having explored large swathes of the western and central lands, he decided it was time to visit the divine lands before he truly established himself into his new life.

Walking through this part of the divine land was nothing short of magical to him. The warm sun heated his large body as he lumber down the marble pathway bringing beautiful flowers into focus out of the sea of colors. As he was passing a clearing he smelled an odd scent and saw vibrant colored eggs in the grass. Out of curiosity he approached one and flicked his tongue over it, drinking in the scent.

Number: 42

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RE: Eggstravaganza!

(This post was last modified: 04-07-2020, 06:47 PM by Rumiko. Edited 1 time in total.)
Rumiko Noroki

From the freak show

Rumiko once again followed her child , not wishing to let her come across strangers as the previous day. She didn't want her pup to be out there alone, blind and scared. And thus from that day she promised herself to be with them all the time if needed. And thus she walked close to Hibiki, so they were safe.

And so on she arrived at a garden of several flowers and vegetation. Curious the wolf would stare around unsure about what one was supposed to do."Watashi wa koko ni imasu. Byōki no mamadesu. Itsu ikitai ka oshietekudasai... " She said as she looked at those who were already present. And with close eye she monitored Hibiki, and what she was doing. She sat, planting guard for Hibiki. But soon she saw a white egg laying near her. Slowly she took it on her jaws trying to open it.

OC- Perm from Raton to say Rumiko followed Hibiki.

"Watashi wa koko ni imasu. Byōki no mamadesu. Itsu ikitai ka oshietekudasai..." :I am here , and ill remain here with you. Just let me know when You wanna go...


Rumiko has a chain wrapped around her left front paws in the ankle's region. It is the remainder of her life at the circus. | She also wears a necklace that is infused with plant magic.

Rumiko suffers from PTSD and GAP. So her ehavior, thoughts and maybe speech could contain triggering and hard topics.


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RE: Eggstravaganza!

Perses decided to go to the fields where the feast had been. Perhaps there was something good there. Something that could take their minds off of what was happening. But instead, he found the scent of many heading to another area. With Anastasia following*, he padded into the Courtyard. He scoped out who was there. Regalia, a peculiar creature, several and wolves. He also noticed eggs on the ground. They didn't look dangerous.

"Have fun, just stay close," the beast said to Anastasia. And then he saw an egg in the grass. He decided to look at it. It might show Anastasia that he could have fun too. He wished he could have Abaddon watch while he opened the egg. But he couldn't summon the Companion.

OOC⟶ 7 please
*permission from Raton


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RE: Eggstravaganza!

Valravn decided to follow Anastasia and Perses. He was Stealthy following them like a big white shadow. He was holding up the rear. He knew something was a bit off with Perses so he wanted to be there for his friend. He padded after them and stopped when they arrived. There were animals here and eggs on the ground.

He heard Perses tell Anastasia to stay close. Valravn agreed as he saw who was there. A large unfamiliar reptile and several unknown wolves. She should stay safe. And then he saw Perses investigating an egg. So, the grimm did the same. He found an egg in the grass.

OOC ⟶ 66 please!
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RE: Eggstravaganza!

Fraya decided to follow her Regalia. She wasn't really feeling her bubly self. And she didn't want to use her magic in fear it would backfire on her. It was weird not using her magic. But she didn't want to hurt anyone. Still, she had had her magic all of her life.

Her large ears picked up her mom's voice and she saw a bird on her aunt's back. She wished she could shapeshift but she didn't want to, out of fear that it might hurt someone. And there was a new fluffball with them.

"Hey mom, hey Aunt Regalia, and hey little cousin," she said as she came near. She still was feeling scared and didn't have her usual pep. But she headed off. Maybe she could find something cool. She found an egg.

OOC⟶ 69 please!

Fraya wears a ring with the element Lightning.


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Heart  RE: Eggstravaganza!

Halldóra heard her mother call. She knew she wasn't a youth but a number of the Kingdom youth traveling? They could use a guard. So, she elected to come along, padding after the others, staying a distance away but close enough to come if needed.

The dark woman noticed her cousin also coming along. Something didn't look right with Fraya but Hall wasn't sure how to help. But when they got to the Courtyard, the onyx and gold daughter said hi to her mom -- wait, that cardinal was Frigga? -- and Regalia. And the little puffball. Hall padded over.
"Hey mom and aunt Frigga! And lil sis!" She smiled. "Came along in case ya needed backup," she said with a smile. And then she caught sight of a purple egg close to them. She lowered her head to investigate it.

OOC⟶ 50 please!


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RE: Eggstravaganza!

Iris RainDrop

"Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

Iris loved this event, an event she had attended since she was a child. When he used to be part of Gullborg. A home she would never forget, even if years passed. Her memories of her time there were distant and fragmented, only some images remained. Four years passed since then but important people for her would never be forgotten. Azania and Caspian. Both helped her when she needed it. But now after years she still wondered what was of them, but well life had to go on.

And here she arrived with that youthful attitude she always had despite her age. Euphoric feelings followed her anywhere and she just let it happens. She trotted as she spotted those already there. Time to search! And there she started to poke her head in a bush finding a yellow egg. Tail wagging and slowly she attempted to open it.

OC- 55

She rolled a 2 in the MA event.

"Talk here."

Kinetoc 0/5 Healing 0/2
Telekinesis 0/1 Location 0/1

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