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All Welcome Disciples of Mother Earth

The Avatars
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Disciples of Mother Earth

The beast of an elk walked the perimeter of the stone temple, contemplating the task he'd been given. It was Mother Earth's will and therefore was not for him to comment on, but he wasn't sure how he felt about it. Not that his feelings mattered. He was but a servant, an extension of her. Still...

His giant head turned, massive antlers standing tall and wise, surveying the land before speaking. When he did, all of Yavania's citizens would be able to hear his voice. "Those of faith, of devotion -- come. Mother Earth requires your attention." Only those of faith would do.

Litar has summoned those who are devoted to Mother Earth and wish to serve her!

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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

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Mononoke was out exploring again. Hopping and skipping along as she went. What would she find today? Maybe something interesting to distract her, that is if she even needed distracting. The small dog was about to start practicing magic when the voice reached her ears. Those of faith, of devotion -- come. Mother Earth requires your attention.

Immediately, she was on her way. If mother earth needed her then she would be on her way as soon as she possibly could. Mono could clue in that no regular being could have a voice that loud, so it had to be an avatar, right? Like the one she got blessed by. So, she felt obligated to show up for whatever Mother Earth needed of her. If it wasn't good though, the woman was sure she could handle herself. If needed backup, she could call for the Kingdom. She had a feeling Herleif would have her back if she called, that is if he didn't even show up himself.

As she happened upon the scene, she noticed a larger than normal elk. His antlers large and green- now this had to be it and so she would sit in silence. If Mono was needed to speak she was sure she'd be addressed first.

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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

Nala Tatsumaki


A call reached her ears, a call from the Avatar temple. "Those of faith, of devotion -- come. Mother Earth requires your attention." 'An avatar?' Well, who else would have the power to speak and be heard from miles away? Without hesitation, she left her den and would head to the desired destination. Since the festival with Mythy, she has been quite interested and connected with Mother Earth. And if she needed help she wouldnt think it twice. It passed a lot since she had been out of the savannah and it was always great to do so. And with a confident walk, she left to be in mother's earth presence once more.

-Time skip to Avatar temple-

As soon as she arrived, a colossal elk stood there. With huge antlers and a presence that infused on her a sense of respect and devotion. She knew the avatar's name and what they represented. But she still had to know who was who. And the one before her was still unknown. But either way, she was ready to serve her creator. She would seat down and bowing her head to the mighty beast to show them respect. "I am Nala Tatsumaki and I am ready to serve you." She said with respect. And after that she wouldn't say anything else, wishing to wait for whatever would happen. She spotted the other creature but didnt say anything.

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THIS thread.
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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

Herleif kept his head up as Avrid his spiranima sat on his back. He could breathe easier knowing that she was close. Having not had her in so long he kept her out as much as he could. After his seriously early border patrol he called out for Revery. He wanted to explore today. After letting out his sharp call for the male he moved towards the border. He was taking Rev out with him and since he was a King he was allowed. Though if Rev got in trouble, then he would talk with his mother. He knew what it was like to feel stuck and he didn't want Revery hating the Kingdom for it. If he came though then he'd be extra careful to make sure the male stayed safe.

He had noticed Mono's scent coming out this way as well via tracker and decided to follow. When he heard an unknown avatar's voice in his head he paused. Something for mother earth? Well then he definitely had to help. He paused only for a moment, he wasn't sure which Avatar it was but he was sure that Revery might find it exciting. He kept a smirk on his face as he walked. He kept up a normal pace but sent Avrid off to go find Revery in case he wasn't following. When he weight left his shoulders he moved a bit quicker to get the the lands where the avatar was. He looked around and saw Mono. He moved closer to her keeping his smirk before he attempted to sit at her left side. His head was held high as he noticed the Elk. There was no way he was anything other than an Avatar. He dipped his head in respect. He did see the other female lion but he didn't say anything to her. In fact he didn't didn't speak at all. Whatever the Avatar called them here for would be revealed shortly.

OOC: Herleif called for Revery to join him should be like to.
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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

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Priestess Forseti

The lioness had been in her clerical duties as a priestess for The Legion, that is, trying to understand the wills of Mother Earth. She had known she was away for some time from the woodlands of the realm, perhaps a season. Forseti would be deeply apologetic if Queen Akeela found it unbecoming of a council member to leave for such a time, however, the maned lioness would not be regretful. This was what was necessary, no? The priestess would see to it that the realm would prosper under the loving gaze of Mother Earth.

However she felt a strange pain in her chest, in a non-physical manner, it lurched and it burned. She didn't enjoy it at all. Forseti knew, she was a novice in this practice, barely even fit for the role wasn't she? Though she could have dismissed it as nonsense and carry on her way to believing she was perfect and doubtless, it would be arrogant and small of her. She was blessed with knowledge of the Great Mother and her creations, yes, but she was no saint. Her worth to the Avatars and Mother Earth would become apparent in coming seasons, and she prayed the journeyed winters would pass swiftly.

"Those of faith, of devotion -- come. Mother Earth requires your attention."

The lioness came to an abrupt halt, all her attention was focused on those words. Without a moment's hesitation, she sprinted to where she just knew it bellowed from. There, a great being in the grass, far larger than ungulate she knew, a deity Forseti only glimpsed appearance by his statue within the confines of the temple.

Coming to an abrupt stop, a respectful distance from the Avatar Litar, she stretched one paw out and bowed, the other curled beneath her chest. "Avatar Litar, the spirit of the hunt and balance between predator and prey. She curtsied, her voice with awe. This was truly glorious, as if the Avatars answered her concern just right then. However, she would not think vainly, the Avatars were to serve the omnipotent power of Mother Earth, this was something more than a mere visit. But even so, Forseti firmly believed nothing on Earth was ever simply a coincidence. "What is needed of us?" She asked, thoroughly intrigued in what Mother Earth had in store for her and the others that arrived. Rising back up firmly on four paws, she waited.

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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

Persia heard a strange voice and frowned. "Those of faith? Devotion?" she mused silently. She wasn't sure if she fit that description. She wasn't an overly suspicious creature or anything. She didn't have any real reason to be. But she'd never heard the stranger before. Surely she wasn't the sort of beast that was called for. What could she do to help this 'Mother Earth', whatever that was?

But her curiosity won out. She was small enough to hide if it was necessary. She moved as fast as she possibly could to the source of the voice. Looking up, she saw a beast, clad with vibrant green antlers. A few other creatures were around. "Hello... uh, hi. Please don't step on me." She was nervous, as she often could be when around such large creatures. She activated Fire Newt and waited next to the warm creature.


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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

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Don't mind all the editing, Bandido! We're trying to fix your table code. <3

Please use the edited table code above from now on. :D


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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

Aeson Malfoy

Don't Push, 'Cause I Always Get What I Want.

’Those of faith, of devotion -- come. Mother Earth requires your attention.’

Ace did not expect to oblige or kneel before this almighty request, however the man’s tolerance for boredom wore thin — it drove him to investigate. A brow came up, suave and domineering as he marched to the temple’s mass. There were others, of course, but that did not mean he’d choose to care for it; royally endowed with a reputation held by title, Aeson stared. Grey-blue eyes narrowed in dark consideration, cinnamon and cream hackles rattling like electricity, yet he held it quiet. The arrogant Malfoy couldn’t help but notice an elk, their appearance only emitting more proof of his headstrong theory in something godly -- luminescent colours? Yeah, as if that wasn’t enough of an indication already. Coming forward in pride and prestige, daemon spooled out momentarily, though defied that law in vanishing just as quick. He scoffed, ignoring it for now. Ace was no man to sit by those he sought to be of a lesser class than the blueblood hereditary; therein, the golden man decided for an easier solution. Sitting away from the crowd, eyes of a storm bathed over the temple and back upon their summoner, or whatever it’s called.

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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

No, Randavae, look at it this way, I thought, a frown covering my face. Those of faith, those of devotion-- What?

I looked around, wondering if someone had spoken or if I was just going mad. Either one was easy to believe.

I shook my head and left the thought to rest. I'll continue this conversation with myself later, I thought.

Come. Who? What? Still, no one was around. Okay, something's seriously wrong.

Mother Earth requires your attention.

Mother Earth? And who is that, now?

Nobody was around. For a minute I was scared. I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself.

It told me to come, right? Then, well, I should probably go...maybe...

Thinking a little bit, I angled my ears to try to remember where the voice had come from, and after a bit of estimation, I took off.

I started sprinting off in a direction, having no idea where it would lead me. Then I saw a tiger-like creature, with a big puffy mane and large, bounding paws, sprinting in the same direction I was. I decided to follow them, as they seemed to know where they were going.

Eventually I lost them, as the winding path through the tall trees started to make me dizzy. But finally, after a long run--very long, actually--I arrived at my destination.

There I saw, along with many different animals I had never seen before, including what appeared to be an elk or a moose...or, something. What I could see of them was blurry as I was a while away so as not to be seen, because otherwise I'd have to deal with that. (That being talking to people.)

I took in their bright, unnatural colors and watched. Subconsciously, I spiked my fur and positioned my paws in a wide stance, crouching down as though I was preparing to launch. I widened my coral eyes farther, waiting.


OOC: excited to see what's going to happen!

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RE: Disciples of Mother Earth

Akeela Dusk
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The words fell upon Akeela’s ears, her head raising to look around. She had been traveling toward the avatar temple to hopefully find some answers about what a blessing meant, and perhaps learn more about Syuna’s child delivering process. Quickening her pace she would reach the structure. As she approached lots of scenes mixed in her nostrils, but two familiar ones struck her. The first was Forseti, the legions own religious leader. That made sense, of course she would come to such a call. The second, however, struck the woman oddly. Randavae was here as well. Moving to where the crowd gathered before the present Avatar Litar, she spotted the trembling and obviously nervous boy. Moving to stand beside him, she would attempt to brush her shoulder against his comfortingly. ”Calm down Randavae. These are divine lands, no one may harm you here, by the law of the avatars.” She murmured softly, her words intended for him only. Though now she would stand quietly, her respectful gaze falling to the divine being that called them all here. One of the avatars had given her children, they blessed her and they had weaved her fate to the life she always wanted. She would serve them till her dying breath. She may not have always been a woman of unwavering faith, but this place, coming to Yavania, seeing miracles with her own eyes, it changed her.

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