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Private Picnics
Family Thread <3

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Evander Lykaios-Dusk

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Kallisto had been a little too inactive lately. She was sorry for it, for Akeela. It was putting the work of the realm on her mate but she just hadn't been too active. This was the season where bears should be active. Preparing for hibernation and all that good stuff, but here she was slacking off. Shaking her head, the woman would go along the borders until she got an idea. They needed a little family bonding, right? Yeah, that sounded like a good idea to her. The woman would go ahead and gather up some stuff. She hunted 3 rabbits for the kids and scavenge up some food that was caught before but not eaten. It was still good too, not rotten or anything.

Then she would clear a spot on the ground and place down a couple of spare skins that they had before placing everything in the middle. Kallisto would find a piece of bark that was round enough to carry water and would place it to the side where she would use condense to fill it before carefully moving it to the middle of the skins as well. That had to be all!

And so she would head back to their den with a smile. Kallisto would notice that Evander was there (and if Theia was there too), she would speak to both of them. "Come on, I have something for you guys." The cubs were a season old as of yet, having been delivered at 2 months. They could eat meat by themselves so it should be fine.

Evander was excited to get out of the den for a bit. A little hop in his step as he exited the den. "Where we going?" Kallisto looked down at her son and smiled. "Patience, kiddo. We're almost there." Within a few moments of that they came across the picnic and Kallisto would call for Akeela.

Evander hopped around before sniffing at the rabbits and the water. What was this for? Why was it here? Had momma done it? He would look up as Kallisto began to speak.

"Now we just have to wait for your momma to show up." She was happy to be doing something like this for the kids and her mate.

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RE: Picnics

Theia Lykaios-Dusk

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Theia had been napping in their den when one of their mothers voice roused her. Glancing around, she didn’t see mama Akeela, perhaps she was busy. At least one of her mothers was usually busy with real stuff, it didn’t upset her, she understood. Pushing up to her paws and shaking out her strawberry pelt, the girl bounced after her bother and mother. She had something for them supposedly, and Theia was excited. "A surprise? I love surprises!" She squealed, her tail flicking behind her. She wondered what the surprise was, though as they approached the set up, her eyes widened. There was food, and drink and pelts. This had to have been the surprise, because and they approached and stopped, their other mother was called to. Ears twitching, she looked at her brother, a devious grin on her tiny maw. She vaguely remembered when she had accidentally brought water to the surface of the ground, perhaps she could do it again and splash him while he wasn’t looking. Though as she focused on creating the water, it wouldn’t happen like it had before, pooling on the ground. Instead, condense would attempt to activate in a gentle shower, the water aiming to splatter the boy in front of her.

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RE: Picnics

Akeela Dusk
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Akeela had been patrolling across the territory when the call came. Ears twitching, she took off in a sprint, making her way toward where her mate had called from. She wasn’t sure what she needed, but didn’t want to keep her waiting, in case it was important. It took her about 15 minutes to reach the woman, and her eyes would soften as she did. It seemed as though her mate had set up a little family lunch for them. Moving past her cubs, she would attempt to give them each a gentle lick on the head before moving to stand beside her mate. ”This is wonderful, thank you.” She murmured sincerely, glancing at the furs and food before attempting her brush her cheek against Kalli’s affectionately. It had been a while since they had spent quality one together. Sure they all shared a den and slept beside one another at night, but being the leaders, it seemed one of them was always busy. Akeela wasn’t mad about it by any means. They both had responsibilities and the realm was one of them. It was times like this that balanced it all out, that brought them closer as a family. If they spent every waking moment together it surly would cause some tension, it would for anyone.

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