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To Malum We Unite

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It's Time

Sebastian Dame-Bards


Sebastian had gotten in trouble not too long ago for sneaking out. Did he care? Honestly, the boy didn't. Rules were just holding him back, they're meant to be broken and that was no lie. He wanted to see the world, he wanted to get out there and be doing things, seeing things, meeting new people. Sebastian wanted to learn everything, but not by sitting here and looking out. He wanted to be on the other side of those borders and having absolute freedom. Hell, he was almost as tall as his dad! He was getting bigger, stronger, faster. He didn't trip over his feet when he walked now and he could speak properly.

Not like a little kid. With his aging and coming into his teen years (even though he was still sort of young), the rebellious thoughts were already starting. He wasn't an easy kid, no. Sebastian was a trouble maker and he was gonna cause trouble. Ignite activated right before his eyes, a single spark and he smiled at his magic. Exactly as he wanted. It was coming along and he wanted to learn more. He just didn't understand how he could do that here.

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