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Pray To The Avatars

Mononoke Abernathy

She Had A Wild, Wandering Soul
But When She Loved; She Loved With Chaos

Mononoke hadn't seen Herleif since she joined the Disciples. Does she regret it? That's just it, she's questioning it. She doesn't exactly know where she stands, she wanted to see Herleif. Maybe actually have something with him, but she felt it was her duty to serve the avatars too. She was confused and so she was heading to the avatar temple to pray. Maybe somebody would offer her some guidance in this matter. Green-paw activated as she walked, glancing back to catch the plants that grew in her wake. They disappeared right after they appeared, however.

As she walked, she didn't notice the small garter snake at her feet. She nicked it with her paw and it lunged, she managed to notice and dodge when suddenly Reflection activated. Too distracted now by the pink hue that radiated off her body to dodge the snake that grabbed onto her ankle. Quickly grabbing the snake at the head and killing it before gently removing it from her ankle. Noticing the holes along its side. Almost like it reflected onto it from her, mirrored though. A raise of her brow and she would shake her head to put her nose to the wound. Stitch activated as the wound was not big at all.

Looking to the body, Extend would activate. Suddenly seeing through the eyes of the snake, she didn't know how to move like a snake so she just writhed weirdly in place till she was suddenly snapped back to her body. It was quite disorientating, she had to say. Wings activated as she began trotting and flapping them awkwardly. Maybe one day she'd learn to fly, she wasn't quite sure yet. Maybe even she'd be able to teach herself. Mononoke would have to be super careful, however. Ripple activated too, rippling around herself but as she was trotting, she stepped into the danger zone. Launching her 6 feet forwards, but with her wings out, she glided a little bit, however, very wobbly and ended up crashing into the ground with a thud.

Snorting, she tucked her wings in and looked back. That hurt but she'd get over it. And so she continued in her Totem form to the avatar temple where she'd enter the room with the statues. Looking over every single one before she'd bow before them, tucking her head, she'd begin to pray. Guidance is what she needed and she was hoping an avatar would show and help her. She needed it, truly.

She Walks. | "She Talks." | She Thinks.

And That Made All The Difference


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