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Borders Return to Your Roots

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Return to Your Roots

Gunnr hadn't really discussed it with the others, but she wasn't making this choice for them. She was making it for her.

She was ready to come home, but they didn't have to be.

Living out in the great wide world had been revealing. Thankfully, no one had really gotten hurt -- as far as she knew. She'd explored a little, and although she didn't know how much adventuring the others had gotten done, that didn't change her mind. After all, it wasn't as if they couldn't explore while living in the Kingdom. She was just ready to settle back down, she mused. An image of a certain leopard friend flashed in her mind, but she hadn't meant like settle down like that, had she?

Shaking away the thought, she let out a few calls that, well, anyone who knew her should recognize. What other shoebills did they know?

Frigga and Regalia were walking together, chatting and patrolling when they heard Gunnr's call.

Regalia beamed and dashed towards it, leaving Frigga to laugh, shift into a cardinal (via shift), and follow.

"Dótturdóttir!" Regalia said when Gunnr came into view. "You home? Where're the others?"

Frigga arrived, landing on Regalia's shoulder and waiting for Gunnr's answer.

"I'm home, and they're fine. They should be coming, er, if they want, I mean."

OC: Post contains Gunnr, Regalia, & Frigga. :)

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RE: Return to Your Roots

Hard days made me, hard nights shaped me
I don't know they somehow saved me

Siekta had been following Gunnr since she left. He wasn’t aware if she knew, and it wasn’t like he was trying to be creepy at all. He just… wanted to be around her. And he was very curious on where she was headed. Just where exactly was she headed? Well they did leave the kingdom to go on adventures so surely she was just exploring. Siekta… wanted to be a part of that.

It looked like though that Gunnr was headed towards the kingdom. Was she homesick? Siekta… honestly was a bit homesick. He missed Nashad, Genna(Xewk), Helu, ...even Noam. And Noam was annoying. Very loud and annoying. But perhaps, Gunnr wanted to visit her family or something. So he continued to follow her until he came upon her at the borders and two people approaching her. A cardinal and a wolf. Rosetta-stone translated Regalia’s excited foreign word into Maltese, his native tongue, letting Siekta know that the wolf lady had called Gunnr ‘neputija’ or Granddaughter. Ah… so these people were family to Gunnr… or at least the wolf lady was.

He walked towards the small group, listening to the wolf lady speak, and then Gunnr’s reply. Well, he wasn’t sure about the others but... Siekta wanted to live back at home. Not… exactly at home... in his own house, not with Nashad, and in the peninsula, not in the courtyard outside the realm. He was old enough to have his own place and not have people fuss over him… even if he was mute. He knew there were issues where he couldn’t exactly call for help in his own house but… he wanted to have that freedom. And maybe he was a bit spoiled but… he also liked having a house over his head. Siekta wondered where Gunnr planned on living. He had been sleeping next to Gunnr since they left the kingdom in the first place. It would be odd not to sleep next to her now, it had been many months. It… may also be odd to just… ask her to find a house with him. That… was odd… right? Maybe?

Attempting to stand to Gunnr’s left he would look up at Gunnr. He attempted to use telepathy to speak with her, his purple orbs focused on her. "Well… If you going home. Then I will go home. But… um. I wanted to get my own house. I didn’t want to live with Nashad anymore.. But um. I was… um… wondering. You know… it’s going to be weird not sleeping next to you. And… I was wondering, if maybe you… wanted to find a house… together… with me? You… don’t have to if you want to find your own place I just… like the idea of being around you more.. And… and… yeah. I hope that’s not odd and… Um.. and tell your grandma and the bird lady hello. And about how I can’t talk and stuff. I don’t want them to dislike me cause I can’t say hello to them.” And with that long and awkward confession he looked back towards Gunnr’s grandmother and the cardinal lady and dipped his head in respect. He didn’t bother mouthing anything… as it just looked weird and confused people usually.
Xewk had heard the call, and was unfamiliar with the owner of the voice. So assuming it was a rogue he headed his way to the borders where the call came from. Where it so happened his mate in cardinal form, Regalia, Siekta and someone Siekta had left to go on an adventure with. Well the girl must be close to Siekta for him to be standing so close to her. Knowing the antisocial Seikta like he did, the guy didn’t make friends easily. Attempting to stop next to Regalia’s right hand side, Xewk gave a smile towards Siekta, "I was wondering when you would rejoin society Siekta. Glad to see your back safely.”
Siekta gave an eye roll towards Xewk, clearly understanding that Xewk was pulling his leg.
Xewk then turned his attention towards Gunnr "I am glad to see that he has managed to make a close relationship with someone. I apologize, I do not think I know your name. I am Xewk Langas, King of the Verja, but… more importantly in this matter, Siekta’s older brother.” Xewk was careful on his wording to leave the interpretation of Siekta’s and Gunnr’s relationship open to them. He wasn’t positive that they were in a relationship however due to investigator he could tell that they were close. Especially from Siekta’s side. It was obvious on Siekta’s side that he had a crush, was nervous about something, and secretly happy to be home. Well.. ‘secret’. He knew that while Siekta may complain about his family, that he cared deeply about them. It just showed differently sometimes. Xewk also didn’t bother to mention that Siekta was mute. He figured that it was either mentioned before he arrived or that it was pretty obvious.

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