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Private When I was young, whatever happened it would do me no wrong

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RE: When I was young, whatever happened it would do me no wrong

Questions about magic. Perses was concerned that Randavae didn't know who Evander was. His own brother? Didn't they live in the same den?

"Evander is Theia's brother...your brother. Theia is the little light orange cub with long fangs. The Queen, Akeela, and her mate, Kallisto -- the bear -- 's children. Evander is a silver and gold cub." He hoped thst that wasn't too much information for Randavae to process. He was worried but he didn't know how Randavae didn't know who his own brother was. He had to talk with Akeela and Kallisto. Did Randavae still live with them?

"Any more questions?" the beast asked. Hopefully ones that wouldn't concern him even more than he already was.

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RE: When I was young, whatever happened it would do me no wrong

My eyelids widened a few centimetres with interest as the Beast spoke. For once I was actually interested in his words. Likely because I was the one who initiated them.

Have I seen Evander before? Something fits that description. I may have seen him wander around the dens a little bit. And a bear...did I see a bear? I sure hope I didn't see a bear. That would be terrifying.

Ah, so I was right about Theia, huh?

The Beast asked if I had more questions. I shook my head as I was pretty much ready to get out of there. I didn't want to hear his voice another second. Unless it was him telling me I was free to go.

I was a little curious about my brother and the rest of my family. I didn't know all too much about them, and if they were my family, well, I'd have to meet them sooner or later.

Maybe we could have a meeting? Well, I'm sure I'll run into them eventually like I did with...what was her name? Whatever, the pinkish-blond cub.



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RE: When I was young, whatever happened it would do me no wrong

(This post was last modified: 05-27-2020, 09:52 PM by Akradr.)

Greetings, roleplayer’s!

It’s been addressed to staff that Randavae doesn’t seem to know/understand who his siblings are, despite being adopted by Akeela and given the information. NaggingNary, your character should already have knowledge of the following:

Evander, Theia, Kallisto and Akeela are all Randavae’s siblings (even in adoption).

Please be careful in the future, love! Confusion like this can make it difficult for other roleplayer’s to post. <3


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RE: When I was young, whatever happened it would do me no wrong


Hello Roleplayers!!!

Unfortunately at the point in time of this staff note, Perses does not have certain knowledge that is critical to this thread.

He does not know the names of Akeela's children.

He does not know 100% that Akeela has adopted Randavae.

Therefore does not know they are in the same household.

Perses also does not live with them, so he should be unaware of the family dynamic (how close they are and how much they know about each other) and if in fact Randavae is living in the house with them. (Unless Randie smells like them. Which he would if he lived with them.)

This thread is on hold whilst staff decides what the best course of action is in this particular case.


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