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Private Gangster's Paradise

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Gangster's Paradise


I'm Not At The "You Probably Shouldn't Say That" Stage Anymore
Rather At "To Hell With It, Let's See What Happens"

The tiger didn't have anywhere, in particular, to be after cutting his ties to the Coalition. So, with that in the air, he had a lot of free time to do a thing called 'whatever the hell he wants'. Maybe he'd try and find a new more active and interesting realm to call home. Lips curling up to bare dangerous teeth as he lumbered along. He was sort of massive, weighing in at the heaviest feline but not the tallest. That spot was taken by lions, but he was not afraid of them. To him, it didn't necessarily matter if there was such a small height difference. It was all about weight and how you used it. A snort left his mouth as he came up to a tree in the middle of a field.

So the man would lay at the bottom of it among the fallen leaves where Static would activate. It rippled along his hide, creating a faint crackling noise with the leaves which he noticed. Calax looked around for a few moments, confused before he fell back into his thoughts. Maw parting ever so slightly to let Smoketrail activate. A fog of navy blue smoke trailed from his mouth. Magic was definitely an interesting thing.

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RE: Gangster's Paradise

Drachen Mallor

Action. | "Speech" | Magic.

Once again the man found himself somewhere new. This land was growing stranger to him by the day. Though, he liked the diversity he found here. No more squishy moss and damp fungus. Nose twitching as he walked, the man would catch a recent scent. There was someone else nearby, feline, tiger perhaps? He needed allies, and decided to check the compatibility of this stranger. As he walked, slowly following the scent trail, the man decided to try the sparking magic again. Stopping his movement he focused on a nearby patch of grass, willing the spark to come forth. Ignite would activate with no trouble, though, the love grass wouldn’t burn, instead only sizzling and smoking. That was good enough for him, the power worked after all. Returning to the task at hand, he continued walking, his eyes soon falling upon the form of a tiger, relaxed near a tree. Though, this tiger appeared to have some magic as well. A dark blue plume of smoke was wafting from his parted jaws. Eyebrow cocking slightly, the man would attempt to approach, aiming to stop seven feet or so away. While Drachen was never quick to admit it, he had found himself attracted to a handful of men over the years, and this one was quite handsome. Uniquely colored fur, alluring eyes that somewhat reminded him of his own....snapping his thoughts back on track, he decided to speak. "Interesting magic. Does that smoke not choke you up?" He inquired causally, knowing from brief encounters with regular smoke that it could be quite painful to breathe.

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