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To Malum We Unite

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All Welcome Certain Phrases

Aldrnari King
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Certain Phrases

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

Herleif walked with his head high, his crown gleamed in the sunlight as it filtered through the cherry blossoms. He walked along the borders near the pillared plains. Near the north west he was able to see the stones but he ignored them as he walked. His ears flicked as he walking trying to see if there was anyone on his borders. Avrid his spiranima flew above him dipping down close to him every once in awhile but mainly happy to be riding the air currents.

His green gaze watched for for a moment before turning back to the task at hand. Once he was finished he took a quick drink of water. It was still early but the fresh air aided in waking him up further. He gazed at his reflection for a bit his eyes looking fully at his crown. It was cool to look at and he wondered if this would give him magic like his necklace did. "Ya know if you keep looking at yourself, some might think you're vain." Arvid said calling out to him. He just looked up at her as he snorted. Leave it to his bird to try to call him out for getting a drink of water. And slightly looking at his reflection.

Electricity - 0/6
Bardic - 0/6
Anima - 4/11
Psychic - 0/2
Eidetic Memory | Investigator | Tracker | Stealthy |
Shift - 0/1 | Disguise - 0/1 | Clarity 0/1 | Bulwark 0/1
Smoke Trail - 0/1 |

Actions. | "Herleif" "Avrid" | 'Thoughts.'

Wolf stock (Kati H.) | Overlay (kerast)

Herleif wears a small leather cord with the rune for Aldrinari on it. It grants him Anima magic.


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RE: Certain Phrases


Hello there roleplayers!

Unfortunately in Alyona's past thread (at the moment of this staff note). The only information that has been passed on between parties is a name.

The information listed in this post suggests that Alyona knows much more than what Athos has provided her.

In the previous thread as well, it was asked to please allow Athos the reply first. Attempting to give roleplayers to rp for a post or so without a leader present does not mean they will not show. It is very odd for a leader or someone of council never to show. And OCly would be too soon to assume no one did. (Date of previous thread listed about two weeks ago.) It also perhaps may be odd for the reaident to not call for a leader to aid in answering questions about joining. (Seeing how it is not the residents job to do so.)

Finally the borders of the whole kingdom smell the same. While they may be led by three different parties, they function as one and leaders border patrol the whole border together. So Alyona should be able to detect that this is the same group.

This thread is on hold.


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RE: Certain Phrases


Due to changes and the roleplayer’s permission to remove their post, this thread is no longer on hold. Happy posting!


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