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All Welcome Another of my Kind

Other mammal
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Another of my Kind

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Marcellus was no stranger to the cold or the snow, so his long trek through a mountainous region covered in snow was nothing more than the norm. His heavy body weight and thick fur kept him quite warm. He had been journeying alone ever since he'd come into these new lands, sticking mostly to the northern regions. Everything about this place, aside from the minor magic, seemed relatively normal to him. As he walked, unbeknownst to him, Smoke Trail would attempt to activate, leaving traces of red smoke behind him. He didn't notice it, as this was the first time such an effect had occurred, and the wind was blowing it behind him quickly. That was until he stumbled upon something he'd never seen before. In the depths of a mountain range, he discovered a pathway into many tunnels carved out of stone and ice. Sunlight reflected off of the water beneath the icy surface and illuminated the depths of the caverns. The icy walls reflected crystalline blue tones, similar to his eyes. It was quite the site to see. My oh my... what a marvelous sight.. if I didn't know any better I'd say they're almost as amazing as I am, but that would be a blatant lie. No one, nor nothing, is as amazing as I, Marcellus the Mahogany moose. It wasn't abnormal for Marcellus to pat himself on the back not only in conversations but also in his own thoughts. A river ran through the tunnels, submerging most of the terrain, but there was a pathway just wide enough for him to walk along side it. He looked down into the water and saw multiple little fish swimming around. In one swift move, he bent down into the water and snatched up a fish, consuming it whole. This was the type of place he enjoyed. It was isolated from the outside world and thus meant there was peace and quiet aside from the natural rushing of the river. There were no pesky other creatures to disrupt his free will. It was like a dream come true. Cool, quiet, and isolated. What could possibly go wrong in a place like this?


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"Cowards shrink from challenges, weaklings flee from them, but warriors wink at them."


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Question  RE: Another of my Kind

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Svari Dame

so you gotta fire up

Dusk painted the sky. It wask late. Svari was havong trouble sleeping.

Something was weighing heavily on her soul.


Three, Svari was three years old now, give or take a few seasons, and she had nothing to show for it. Not a god-damned one. A frown was chisled across dark lips. 'what a dame am I ' the heavily sarcastic thought slipped through her mind.

´A useless one. ´

She snarled in outrage. For fucks sake her own mother was the commander of the Valkyrja! And Svari? Well, she still hadn't decided what to do with herself yet-- she couldn't.

The dark wolf stood on the edge of her kingdoms borders just staring out at the world beyond it. She loved her family more than anything, and yet...there was still an emptiness there. All her life she'd lived inside these borders (aside from venturing out with family occasionally), and all her life a restlessness was felt in her. It wanted to explore- to see the world and know of its stories..beyond the kingdom. She gave a single glance over her shoulder before stepping over the invisible borders that lined her home.

And just like that the woman took off in a sprint, more eager than ever before to place distance between home and herself. Maybe, just maybe this pilgrimage would help her find things within herself; ignite a fire that she knew ran through her veins. She wanted to be braver. Stronger...wiser... The only way that would happen was with exposure to the world; good, bad, and ugly.

No longer would she ride the coat-tails of her family's name. Nay. She would make her own!

---Г time skip! ----¬

The sun was now high in the sky. Svari has been traveling awhile now. Her paws leading her over the snowy mountain side. The cold of this place didn't bother her much, and for once she found herself grateful that she wasn't born hairless like a few Dames she knew. The woman had yet to find anything interesting as of yet-- and then, she saw the red colored smoke dancing on the wind. "Well avatars be damned," she remarked with a slight smirk. It looks like she'd stumbled across company- maybe. Quiet as she could the lady in black followed the smoke trail. The scent was something new. An animal she'd never encountered before.

The trail would lead her to an opening carved out in the side of the mountain. For a moment she found herself in awe at the sight of these crystal caverns. What majesty! She entered, walking along the path outcropped by the fresh water streaming through the tunnels. "Well aren't you a big fella," humor tickled her speech as the very large animal of prey found her line of sight. Svari kept a good ten feet between them. Her ears able to hear the crunching of bones? She looked to the stream beside her, glacing briefly at the small fish swimming about. The wolf tilted her head. "I thought hooved things only ate grass." Her remark echoed off the cavern walls, brazen and curious.



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