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Festival Bonfire of the Bards

The Avatars
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Bonfire of the Bards

(This post was last modified: 06-01-2020, 12:08 PM by Amelia. Edited 2 times in total.)

Centred in a field laid a tree known by many, surrounded in greenery. Its girth was far more monumental than that of redwood, vines both thick and thin enshrouding it without crime or clout, embracing the trunk as if it were its life source. Ferns and vegetation peppered the floor below it, flourishing atop and all around. Beneath this celestial embrace sat a white-spotted serval, size being that of normality in comparison to the other avatars, but he was no less divine in any sense of the word. It was not common for the Voice of the Downtrodden to visit the mortal realm, but there were responsibilities when it came to sharing stories and doing his part -- he did this annually, of course, and wouldn't dare forget to pursue such an extraordinary event. Yes, a feast was most definitely compiled for those those that wished to accompany him in this rare opportunity.

Marlon hummed in vibrant tunes, warrior heart set like stone as a smile bore across the man’s features -- a mentor is what he was, giving whatever he could to those that needed it.

The skies danced in an abundance of colors, orange and yellow exploding against the clouds in its setting formation. Silence soon dwindled by the cease of a bird’s song — a bonfire was created by sheer magic in association to his bardic nature; sown cloth rung across the field for mortals to lie upon, finding it a more comfortable solution to this wintry season that fell upon them once more. Cooked meats were arranged in chronological order, colors coursing from white to red, some even cut. Marlon was sure to apprehend the likings of those whom may arrive, whether it be fish, poultry, elk or otherwise. Why, there would even be vegetables and fruits alike -- if one could name it, the Downtrodden had it. Everything promised sprouted from the earth in a twist of magical flares, “It’s that time once again, my children. Come, Mother Earth invites you,” He serenaded across Yavania, bardic tones stringing through his mellow tone in the minds of all mortals, “Join me in this Bonfire of the Bards. Here, we will feast as we share stories, memories, and experiences of what we know as individuals.” As it was spoken, haunches would thereon tuck against a white silken blanket, eyes glazing the horizon in wait for those who chose to participate.

Marlon has invited all the creatures of Yavania to partake in a feast on the southern edge of Divine Fields to share stories! Attending the feast will grant your character the diamond (Quest Festival) for attending.

To partake, post your character gathering here. Marlon will post again on the 7th, and then your characters can begin to share stories -- true or made up. Characters that share stories will be entered into a raffle. Two will be chosen ("by Marlon") and given a gift!

Attending this thread will grant your character 6 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attended Bonfire Feast." Additionally, your character can also claim 6 AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attend a Festival."


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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

Nala Tatsumaki
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“It’s that time once again, my children. Come, Mother Earth invites you,” Words from Marlon reached her ears and with great joy, she didn't waste time and set her path forward. Now that she was a disciple,she felt greatly responsible of making sure she was attending any events her now teacher wished to set. She now wasnt your typical mortal attending a festival, she was now someone who wished to assist those who came in. Should they hold questions, wonder, or things she would gladly share what she knew.

Her main duty was spreading mother earth's story to others and an event like this was just perfect for that purpose.

“Join me in this Bonfire of the Bards. Here, we will feast as we share stories, memories, and experiences of what we know as individuals.” A soft smile formed in her lips as she arrived to the place. Spotting Marlon to who she would give a small bow of her head. "Avatar Marlon,its an honor to see you." She proclaimed as in silence she would take a seat in one of the blankets. Ready to do whatever she was needed to do. Calmly she waited for anyone that may arrive.

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Nala wears a silver chain around her neck. It was a gift from Leonard for her in
THIS thread.
| She also got a Silver Ring, which contains the necromancy element.


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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

Vrakhadur had been thinking on the avatars when he heard marlon call him. Not him, he decided, but all yavanians, although it was not through his eardrums the call reverberated. He marches to the divine fields across the divine lands to arrive at the festival. He had not been the first, he could smell a lioness already perched near the bonfire, although the smoke muddles his senses and made it hard to tell. He could smell only one other, who must be the avatar whom summoned him. Avatars always smelt like they weren’t completely there, they didn’t smell like anything else on the earth, and that helped him differentiate between normal animals and the divine. He plants his walking stick within arm’s reach, and sits on the edge of the carpet, his wrinkled hands resting on his knees as he sat with his legs crossed. He spoke, his words slow and withered with age, but happy and upbeat: ‘greetings, marlon, and to you, fellow stranger and traveller!’ He didn’t want to assume the identity of this lioness, in case the smell was only the smell of others they spent much of their time with. His unseeing eyes rested upon the fire, although he could not see it, it’s heat and warmth coursed through his old bones. ‘This is a wonderful night for a pyre, is it not?’ He slowly smiles, his face looking younger in the warm firelight.

The land beckons me, and I cannot rest until my feet have touched every inch of it.


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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

Konoha Walson

“If there is one thing I refuse to do, it is to drown.”

“It’s that time once again, my children. Come, Mother Earth invites you,” Was the first thing that echoed through her mind as she walked.Curious she stopped to try figuring it out.'What's this?' “Join me in this Bonfire of the Bards. Here, we will feast as we share stories, memories, and experiences of what we know as individuals.” 'Mother earth?' She inquired in silence unsure about what to do. She came here to merely explore but as this came upon her thoughts she decided to walk further into the all greenfield and as she did an event took place, with food of all types. Mantles and a few animals ahead,with a very large serval.

Curious she attempted to approach and as she did she stood there by the lioness."Greetings, may I ask what this is?" She was pretty much still new to these lands,and many things were still unknown.

Politely she took a seat as she stared at them all. "This is a festival younglings, this is Marlon who had called for us to attend to it. Wait and your questions will be answered." Nala explained her smiling. And Konoha nodded calmly. "I see, then ill wait." She said before falling silent to wait for what was going to happen.

I walk. "I speak."

OC- PPed Nala as she is my own character
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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

Akeela Dusk
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Akeela would hear the call, her ears twitching atop her head. It wasn’t often the Avatars came to this plane and visited the mortals there. Pressing up to her paws the woman at out in a jog, making her way toward the call. This particular call sounded masculine, an avatar who’s voice she didn’t not recognize. Though, that didn’t Stop her and she approached the field nonetheless. Slowing to a walk, she noticed several others already here before this great feast, her eyes widening at the sight of it. Two of them she recognized from the gathering the Litar had called, the third was a stranger. Then she’s spotted the fourth member there legend lord allowing her to recognize him as avatar Marlon. Giving him a respectful dip of her head she would set herself, aiming to be several feet away from the others, not wishing to impede on anyone personal space, but hoping to stay close enough to engage in conversation when the story telling started. As she sat she pondered what story from her past she would share. Perhaps she would speak of her corrupt and vile parents and how it led her to be who she is today. Or maybe she could recollect something interesting from her travels. Shrugging to herself she decided to wait and see what others shared before choosing.

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She wears a silver and purple circlet, with a large amethyst set in silver antlers and a corded leather bracelet with turquoise beads and a silver band on her right forepaw.

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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

Valravn heard the voice calling. He decided to see what was going on. He called for Anastasia, if she wanted to come with him. He didn't want her to wander there on her own. Whether or not she followed, the beast padded towards the call. He was curious and he had stories to tell. Those that he had learned from Akeldama.

When the wolf arrived at the lands, he saw a collection of creatures. But one he recognized. Akeela, the Queen of the Legion. He would attempt to sit six feet from her, seeing a serval. He looked important so the beast dipped his head towards him. And then he waited.



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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

(This post was last modified: 06-04-2020, 02:18 AM by Randavae. Edited 1 time in total.)

It’s that time once again, my children.

I quickly woke from a shouting voice. My tired eyes opened widely, though less than usual due to my exhaustion.

Come, Mother Earth invites you, the call continued.

Oh, so it's that Mother Earth thing? No way.

I huffed. To think I woke up from my slumber for this.

Since I was up, I decided to walk around. It was a nice day, after all.

What wasn't so nice was the sight of the Queen heading off to Mother Earth's voice again. I knew these guys weren't trustworthy. She must've known the same. So why does she keep running after them?

I didn't know the answer. Since I had nothing better to do with my time, I decided to investigate. With a sigh I began after her, following several meters behind.

Perhaps she's in danger. Even if I know I can't protect her, it would feel wrong if I didn't try.

Maybe someone else is in danger, and they need saving instead. Perhaps the Queen is rescuing those who trust in Mother Earth. Perhaps I can help her.

Regardless of what the reason was, I followed her. After a long while, when we finally arrived, I gawked at what was all around me.

All the food you could imagine! There were meats ranging from white to red, plants in all assortments of colors--why, I'd never seen anything like it!

Now, now, Randavae. I closed my eyes, calming my racing mind. This is all part of their trap...you mustn't fall for it.

My eyelids slowly parted again, and the Queen was right there in front of me. She seemed to be waiting. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike?

I sat down quite a way behind her, approximately eight meters, tucked in a few shrubs. I didn't want to interrupt her plan if she had one. I just wanted to be there.



Trembling in his claws. Always.

Randavae has a four-toed claw marking ranging from his eyebrow to his cheek on his left eye, given to him by the Avatar Maata.


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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

Herleif heard the voice of the Avatar that had once given him a lot to think about as a young teen. He'd been to the festival once and he'd acted like a petulant child. It was after that, that the avatar had spoken with him. Made him think an matters a lot harder. He closed his eyes as a smile came to his face. He tipped his head back and let out a howl for the kingdom. If any of the children wanted to come with him they could or their parents could bring them. The howl was just announcing his departure as well for the Bonfire of the Bards. He set off at a slow pace in case any were following him. Avrid his spiranima flew above him.

-Time skip-

He looked around once he got there and a frown tugged at his face but he didn't let it show. Years ago it had been him, his cousin, Gadreel and Asir. Only now he was alone. A thought that brought him down constantly. He no longer heard their advice or their gentle banter. He'd grown but he wasn't sure it was worth it. They weren't here any longer.

He thought perhaps Mono would be here but she wasn't either. He no longer had the close friends that he once did. It hurt him. He had meaningless conversations or the sparse communications with his family. He had no one that he talked to regularly. It made him seem a bit alone. His other rules had their mates to help tend them or help with their ruling but he was a lone wolf on the throne with no one to back him up. He took a deep breath before looking around once more.

Avrid flew down to land on his back before he took a seat near Marlon. He gave the avatar a smirk and dipped his head in greeting. "It nice to see you once again." He said in a deep voice. Not everyone was able to get advice from an avatar but he felt blessed to have gotten it from two. Even if Kulla's was just telling him that Asger was at peace.

He looked around the gathering but he spoke no more as he waited for others to join. Once everyone was here then he'd start with his own tales and stories.

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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

The voice called to her and she ever the adveturere came. She wondered what she would see today. Was this another feast? She would know when she got there. Winter was in the air now so very close. She could not wait. She missed it. It was and always would be her favorit season. It reminded her of when she came from. She missed her old home from time to time, but she was happy in the kingdom.

Ones she got therer she realzed she was not the first. She spotted her king and for a moment she wondered if she should go talk to him. Then her eyes landed on Akeela. Eidetic Memory allowed her to remember there meeting perfectly even if it happened so long ago. She had seen the tigress during the last feast she was at but had not talked to her then. Now she regretted it a little. Did the tiger even remember her? There was only one way to find out. She walked over a friendly smile on her face. She noticed two of the wolfs near by smelled simular. She figured they where from the same realm. "Boure Eahket Akeela, It's been a wile. How are you doing?"

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OOC⟶ Boure Eahket = good evening
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RE: Bonfire of the Bards

(This post was last modified: 06-06-2020, 12:37 PM by Fraya. Edited 1 time in total.)

Fraya heard a voice call out across the lands. Avatars? Was that them? She was intrigued. Story time! That was interesting. Her Companion perched on her back. What stories would she tell? Did she have any stories? Memories? Maybe she could make one up.

She hoped she wouldn't have to go first. She would think of one on the way! Yes!

Hmmm. What kind of stories were good? What did people like? Good guys against bad guys and winning? That sounded good.

Maybe the hero was an amazing African Wild Dog with powerful magic! Who was a princess....a Warrior Princess... of a powerful kingdom. She was talking about herself, wasn't she? Though her mom could certainly be the hero. Yeah. The powerful warrior princess was fighting....she didn't want to offend anyone. A dangerous cloud of darkness! There we go! That threatened to envelope the lands! Yes! And then the warrior princess fights him off!

What is the hero's name? Fr....no. She wins, right? Sigra? Yes! Sigra the warrior princess and powerful with magic defeats the evil darkness!

Oh no...what if there were creatures with dark magic? Hmm....maybe someone on a quest instead! To get something. Like... What would a warrior princess who is skilled in magic and is a apart of a powerful kingdom want? More magic? No, too greedy. Love? Maybe?

She walked past a wolf pup in the shrubs. And she stopped. What was a wolf pup doing here? He looked young. Where was his parents? Oh gods she was starting to sound like her mom. She stopped a foot away from the pup and dipped her head. She spoke in a friendly tone.

"Hi! I'm Fraya! Don't you want to join them? We're telling stories!" She smelled food. "And there's food! You should join!"

Whether or not she got a response, she padded over to the gathering. She picked up a piece of meat and went to sit a foot away from Herleif. She smiled at Inga and the pretty tiger. And then she started eating.

Permission to notice Randavae & interact with him was given by Nary <3
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