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All Welcome Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

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Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

(This post was last modified: 06-03-2020, 05:51 AM by Amelia. Edited 1 time in total.)

Just as winter descends upon the lands of Yavania, Maata crosses into the mortal plane once more, graced by an ambiance of gods. It was time, and as she blinked into existence, snowflakes materialised amidst the wintry air — eyes glazing the temple, a smile therein stretched atone the woman’s lips. It wasn’t often that her, or even her husband, visited the mortals without give or reason. This time, it was their annual affairs. So, as she’d done many times before, a call rang out for those that wish to participate in this rare occurrence. By serving Maata, they were pledging their own oath to Mother Earth. "Children of Yavania, come," Her brittle voice coursed in a chilled manner, though not without a soft undertone to appeal those who listened, "Mother Earth calls for your assistance today, should you choose to accept it." And just like that, the serval fell silent, regality never forgotten in the name of an avatar’s purpose. She, for one, hoped the creatures would heed this quest and provide as necessary; Mother did not lie, and that much she new to be true, or so believed. An ear would flick, trees lightly mourning at the caress of a cold, uncouth kiss by winter’s arrival. This would be perfect.

She is now summoning those who wish to serve Mother Earth. This is an official QUEST and is a little different than traditional roleplaying, as it is run by the Game Master (more will be explained next post; see the previous Quest for an example, and see here for information). You may only send ONE character per roleplayer. Moderate and severe wounds may be sustained during this thread. Show up now because once the quest starts, you cannot join unless special permission is granted. Happy questing! Maata will post to start the quest in a few days. To attend here is to attend the Festival called the Quest for Mother Earth.

Attending this thread will grant your character 6 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attend a Festival."

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Heart  RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Perses heard the call rolling across the lands. He had just finished his border patrol before he decided to go. His Companion, a large blackbird was perched on his shoulders. He loped in the direction of the voice. "Mother Earth calls for your assistance today, should you choose to accept it." He wasn't sure if he wanted to go but he remembered the other calls he had responded to. They usually had gifts. Maybe there would be a reward?

— time-skip —

This place looked familiar. These lands he entered were close to those Fields and the Courtyard. He was intrigued. The wintery air made him feel at home. He was a Stormbringer of the North. He saw a serval. And he stopped twelve feet away from her. Had she called them? She said, "Mother Earth called for them". Was she Mother Earth? Or was she one of the beings known as "Avatars"?

OOC⟶ First Quest! Hopefully the post I made is okay!


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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Iris RainDrop

"Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

Iris was on her den sleeping after a long night of hunting for the realm, those jobs were fine for her. It kept her mind busy and she could have time for herself when she went out in the night to hunt. And there she rested in her den, wanting to enjoy her time. Eyes closed and the cool wind blowing within her den it felt so peaceful that she wished she could remain there the whole day. "Children of Yavania, come," A voice echoed and that made her raise her head with ears twitching like radars.

"Mother Earth calls for your assistance today, should you choose to accept it." Unsure she stood up and set out to a certain place.<Momentum activated and her steps were slightly quicker and like that she went her way.

-time skip-

Later she found herself in an unknown location.A temple-like structure and there someone from her realm(Knows by scent) and a big serval stood there. Calmly and with a warm smile she attempted to come closer until she took seat aiming to do so near the Lord of her realm. "Hello! I am ready to help as needed." She said before falling silent to wait on what they were going to do.

"Talk here."

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Kati H.


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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]


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"Children of Yavania, come," Vox pricked up her ears at the call. She'd been stuck in Havok territory for a while. Well, not really stuck. Nobody had ever said she couldn't leave. But everyone she liked was there. She could remember a few rogues from when she was younger, but dimly. Havok, while not a huge territory, was what she knew now as home. Her first ever home. Maybe she had had one, back before her father had stolen her away, before she had run away to these magic lands. She didn't remember it, but her father, himself a distant, foggy, specter in her memory had spoken of her mother. She knew that about her childhood at least.

But this wasn't the time for that.

She got up, stretched, her Companion, Jezebelle, appearing on her left shoulder, and jogged out of pack territory, quickly informing the snake of the call. "There was a voice that called for all creatures of Yavania." Apparently Jezebelle found her explanation lacking, as she replied in a tired voice, "And we're going... why exactly?" "No one smart asks for help without something to trade. We might get something for helping. Like magic!" "Of course you're excited about new magic." Jezebelle grumbled. "Just don't get your hopes up too high." As Vox was deciding whether she thought Jezebelle was actually trying to give her advice or just criticizing her, they came upon three creatures, two wolves, bigger than Vox, and a spotted feline. Not many. The wolves both seemed to be from the same realm too. Vox could smell it.

She calmly stood, two feet behind the brown wolf [Iris], not holding a dominant stance, but not submitting either. Or at least she would seem calm if Static had not activated from her nervousness and betrayed her. "Relax, pup. They should be bowing to you. They will, in time. Everyone will." Jezebelle's voice sounded far away, dreaming of power. Vox would have smiled in amusement if there was no company. Instead, she just stood, watching between the wolves in front of her. She wanted to rule, but she didn't hold any delusions about her own strength. Better to be a fox hidden among the wolf cubs, than a dead fox hanging from the mouth of a stronger wolf, she thought. Jezebelle was too impatient.

She chose not to speak, but she watched.

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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Bulf was resting in the snow on the borders of the legion, his great head resting upon the frozen ground when he heard the call. He lifted himself up and shook the snow from his fur. He decided to answer, perhaps this would give him something to do. He slowly trudges along the northernmost reaches of yavania towards the call. He made his way slowly, if he built up speed, he’d miss the gathering or destroy something, so he forced himself to walk the long way to the divine lands and finally, the avatar temple.
-time skip-
He finally reached the temple, and he saw the assembled group: three wolves, two of which he recognised as the legion, and a serval that radiated like the elk with untamed power. He deemed it that the serval was who, had called him here. He slowly makes his way to stand 20 feet from the serval, to the right of the wolves; he knew them only in passing, or not at all. His words deep, resonating in his large lungs, yet uncertain, he spoke slowly: ‘What... earth want?’ His icy blue eyes fell on the serval, and he waits.

Bulf speaks ugnaric, a forgotten language no longer spoken among others. He also occasionally refers to animals as ice age species, due to lack of exposure to modern species that dwell in warmer climes.
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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Mononoke was wandering about, as per the usual. Exploring, doing her usual business. A yawn spreading across her lips when she heard the call. It was an avatar, calling for the children of Yavania to come. Mother Earth was calling for their assistance, so who was she to deny? She would never not help, she was helping before why not now? A smile crossing her face as she perked up some more. This was definitely going to put a hop in her stop- or at least she hoped so. Mono missed the Kingdom, that she could not deny.

Upon arriving at the scene, she noticed that quite a few other creatures had gotten there before her. She was not bothered by that, better a little late than never. Her eyes settled upon the one they were gathered around. A shock of realization came over here. This was the avatar whom had blessed her. She would come to stand near to the others but some to the side. "Avatar, I am at your service." She offered a little bow before sitting. Whatever she needed, Mononoke would do her best- no matter what. It also made her wonder if the Avatar remembered her.

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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

"Children of Yavania, come," .... "Mother Earth calls for your assistance today, should you choose to accept it"

The brittle voice seemed to echo all over the world, calling and beckoning those who would listen. For some it perhaps was a tug of curiosity, for others it might be knowledge of what was going on or perhaps it was a random tug playing at your heart strings and poking your brain. A voice telling you to go and guiding you throughout the path until you've reached your destination.

Ratonhnhake:ton was resting near the borders of Kamar-Taj. He was in a sitting position with his eyes sealed shut. His breathing was calm and for once he seemed completely relaxed. He was meditating, regulating his breathing, and putting all worries to the side. For once his mind and heart felt free and a heavy burden was lifted off of his shoulders. When the voice came his grayish eyes blinked open and he looked around. Sniffing the air he couldn't scent anyone near by but recalling another time when he had heard a voice, a voice that echoed around the lands. His ears twitched and his grayish gaze took on a strange keenness. Slowly he decided to investigate- to see what this voice wanted. Getting to his paws the dark furred male turned his paws and began going in the direction towards the Divine lands, believing this to be the place the voice had called from like it had been before.

The male trotted at a brisk pace, his ears and nose twitching as he tried taking in scents and sounds all around him. As he was walking, his paw caught onto a jagged rock and cut the soft part of his pad. Wincing slightly, he came to a stop and drew his tongue over it a few times before recalling something that had happened before, back on the Legion's borders. Moving into a laying position he turned his cut paw -the best he could- so the pad was visible and placed his other paw onto it. Willing himself to heal it, the male activated stitch and relief took hold. Moving his paw he only saw the scrapped pad. Tilting his head he smiled to himself. It was still new to him, this kind of healing... I should make a better effort to try and practice this.. he thought to himself before rising to his paws and resuming his journey.

It took him a while longer before his paws carried him into the divine lands. By now the scents of other creatures flooded his nose and he now allowed himself to follow the scents - letting them lead him to the place where he thought he should be. As he approached he caught sight of the feline, who seemed to be the one who had called, four wolves and a strange, furry, creature with horns on his head. His eyes swept over the others and landed on a familiar figure. By now his anxiety was creeping back in and he felt out of place and was once more reminded that he was useless in things like this - as his eldest brother, Karon, had often told him. Shaking his head he inched forwards and stopped on the outer skirts of the group that had gathered. His eyes drifted around him and once more landed on the Serval. "Greetings, Avatar. I am at your service.." although, he wasn't sure why he spoke the brute's words were clear and certain.

"He Speaks"

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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Pandemonium is my middle name.

Arleigh had her wings resting on her back when she heard the voices in her head again. Damn she was going to think she was insane if this kept up. As if she didn't have enough problems. The voice sounded different than that big deer thing so now she was curious. What did this voice want? Cause if it was leaving her realm forever she wasn't doing it. Nope her best friends had kids now. If she left them they wouldn't recognize her when they grew up. She couldn't have that. This voice did however just ask for assistance. She could help with that. Disguise activated for the first time in a bit and she smile even more. Damn she looked hot. She was a few inches taller making her look just a bit thinner. What changed most of all was her fur color. She had a large black stripe that ran down her back then grey that followed down her sides and then white on her stomach. Her paws were black, her face devoid of color except for her forehead that was orange (She cant see the orange on her nose). Her stripes were thicker too about 2 and a half inches wide. She looked herself over with a nod. At least she'd make a statement.

She moved towards it and the scent of animals assaulted her nose. She glanced at the cat that see assumed called them all since everyone was looking at her. Her wings shifted slightly as she raised an eyebrow looking around. She saw a small canine (Mono) that she recognized briefly when she was called by the deer, she also recognized a black wolf (Ratonhnhake-ton) from when he was sticking up for a tiger that totally lost that fight to the leopard. More wolves were there and then a huge furry thing. She wasn't even sure what the heck he was. A weird group all together but it looked like she was the only tiger. That made her feel special. She kept her head up as she sat down.

Whatever the serval had to say she was ready for something. If they asked her to leave her realm, she'd move her butt on out of here but if they were offering an adventure she was so down. She was all for seeing new things. Plus then she could grow her souvenir pile. A win-win in her books.
Disguise: Arleigh is a female tiger. She is multi-colored with 2 1/2 in stripes, she has a large black stripe that goes down her back, the grey fur starts just after her black stripe and stops at her belly where the white shows. Her eyes are a purplish hue. On her face, it is pure white except for the orange that rings her face and a patch of orange on her nose.

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Arleigh is rated M for her thoughts and actions. She in no way has anything to do with my views. She's just... Arleigh.
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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

The words caried by a calm yet powerfull magic reached her ears as she rested. She did not hesitate before getting to her paws and started moving. There was no doubt in her mind it was one of the avatars. It did not suprise her that the call came. It was time for the quest of mother earth after all. It was one thing she was not going to miss. Mother earth needed her help. She may not be a strong warroir or mage but she was going to do her best. She just hoped she wasn't going to be useless.

She arrived to find she was far from the first to show up. It didn't matter, she was here now. She spotted the avatar right away. She lowered her head in a sign of respect. Her hearth was like a bird trapped in a cage. It was a real avatar! "Avatar Maata. I have come to offer my aid." She figured it had to be Maata. After all she was the one that held the quest at this time. Rosalind glanced around her to look at the ones gathered but did not study any of them. There would be time for that later. 8 cretures including her selv so far. Mostly wolfs, One tiger. One canine of some sort and some strange large animal she had never see before.

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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Actions. | ”Speech.” | Magic.

The young woman was relaxing in havok territory when the strange call rung on her ears. Mother Earth? The cheetah knew little about the religion of this land, mostly because she hadn’t bothered to learn, but one thing she did know, helping others often resulted in personal gain. So, with that in mind the girl set out, across the havok borders and in the direction of the Avatar’s call. The thought of calling for an adult member of havok to join her briefly crossed her mind, but she quickly wicked it away. She would be an adult next season, and that meant she was perfectly capable of doing things on her own.
When she approached the strange temple, her eyes scanned the crowed already there. No one she recognized lingered amongst, but she didn’t care. She was almost an adult now, she didn’t need someone to babysit her. Moving to the side of the gathered crowd she would sit, eyes flicking around between the faces of the gathered creatures around her. None of them in particular attracted her interest, but she certainly hoped they wouldn’t have to share whatever possible reward came from this. While the girl didn’t know what was going on, it was reasonable for her to assume someone as powerful as Mother Earth would provide a reward for mortal assistance. Finally her gaze would come to focus on the serval everyone else was paying attention to, assuming them to have made the call.

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