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Private {Bretton} Elderberries Among Other Things

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{Bretton} Elderberries Among Other Things

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Abraxas Bast

... And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom...

Abraxas was muttering to himself, from the outside it probably looked as if the man was deeply troubled. He walked with a slow pace, his eyebrows furrowed slightly, his gaze looking halfway towards the ground, his mind deep in thought. Hence his mutterings. The under his breath, half worded, non comprehensible mutterings.

But honestly the man was not deeply troubled, more just slightly troubled… or inconvenienced. The only thing that troubled Abraxas was keeping track of the long list of flowers and materials in his head that he needed to go and gather before winter. Winter wasn’t exactly the best time of the year to gather materials. It was too cold, which made the earth too hard to dig into. Flowers and plants didn’t exactly like the cold. There were several reasons why winter wasn’t the best season to gather materials.

Apart of course from the few select plants that grew specifically during the winter months. Well, the few that would be helpful for his craft.

Abraxas stopped mid walk as another item he needed to add onto his list came to mind, "البلسان نبات” The single Arabic word broke through the peninsula’s ever temperate air. البلسان نبات … was the Arabic word for elderberries, and he needed these berries for dyes and paints. It was one of his more risky materials he worked with, considering any non-ripe berries were toxic to him and other canines as well as other parts of the plants. But it was only the ripe berries he would be after, and it was only those he would work with. Still the risk of an unripe berry making its way though was a risk.

The AWD man hummed softly to himself, standing along the coastline of the peninsula, contemplating if elderberries were something he should get this year, or perhaps… this year he could try and think of an alternative material he could use for a similar color palette.


Abraxas has an Arabic accent and due to pheromones smells like a blend of Jasmine and Blue Lotus. He wears a necklace made of large sapphires, turquoise, and gold in the shape of a winged beetle. He has a blessed mark from Marlon in the form of a Lotus Flower with a small design around it located on his chest right near his heart.


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RE: {Bretton} Elderberries Among Other Things

Bretton D’aramitz

Brett was doing his usual. Exploring the Kingdom or outside it didn't quite matter to him. He was learning many many things about being here. There was so much magic to discover and it was all just waiting for him to discover it. 'You can't discover all that by yourself, dummy.' Birdie, his evening grosbeak squawked from atop his head between his ears. A chuckle left his lips as he shook his head, forcing her to move to his back. "That's why I have you, dummy." Playful mocking words fell with a heavy laugh as the bird turned away from him and began ignoring him.

As he walked, he came up to the Peninsula and decided to head down to the beach. A little break with a walk on the coast couldn't hurt, right? Yeah, it was good to get some rest in. It didn't take too long before he came up to it but it seemed there was also someone there. Perhaps they were up for a chat? With a sparkle in his eye and his ears perked right up, he attempted to approach the awd. "Salut! Lovely day is it not?" The french word slipped free, as they usually did. Sometimes Bretton didn't exactly notice.

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Kati H.


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