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RE: Vanquish

Fraya saw Kjarik come up. He wasn't her first choice for challenging this dude for the throne, but she was fine with it. Except he didn't challenge the male. No, he congratulated the male. She tilted her head towards her uncle -- whom was younger than she, which explained a lot -- with a look of disbelief. What the hellheim was going on?

Oh, Herleif was here! Her tail wagged and she hoped he would take the throne back from this coyote. But he didn't and once congratulated him. And her uncle knew this coyote; Sribna. So what if Herleif knew this dude? He wasn't a Dame or a Fritjov. She couldn't concieve the idea of a realm within the kingdom not being lead by a Dame or Fritjov.

Amma Rai arrived! Finally, her grandma who could put things right. And answer her question of who the heck this dude was and why he smelled like her and grandpa Loki and why this dude thought he could take their throne? But she said it was alright and wouldn't stop him. And these lion cubs said that he was their father. Fraya didn't want to be rude in front of her grandma and ask the kids "So what?". And then her grandma said that introductions were in order. Fraya was really confused.

And then Kjarik replied. He was doing so much apologizing to the dude. What was disrespectful about his approach? Gods, he was so polite. Fraya wasn't really into tact or anything. She just did.

And then Sribna answered her question. He was Rai and Loki's mate. She tilted her head. Ohhh. But...how did that work? She decided not to think about that. Nope, she did not was to ponder anything about that. She should be happy that they were mates. It gave her some relief knowing that this was her grandparents' mate, not like someone unconnected to the family. She had accepted Xewk quickly enough. But there was something nagging at her; he wasn't really a real Fritjov or Dame, was he?

The Cadet was happy to know that their new king was offering the rank of Duchess to Rai. That eased things in her mind. And her uncles would be Baron.

Her brain re-activated after a minute after Sribna stopped speaking. She didn't quite think before she speak. "Welcome to the family," the gold and onyx daughter said. "I'm Fraya Dame-Fritjov, Queen Frigga's daughter."

OOC⟶ Sorry for Fraya! And the super long post! Please let me know if she reacted to things out of order.
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