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Winter Year 11
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Spotlights: May '20
most adventurous

[played by Dikui]
Diciples of Mother Earth

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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Borders My Name's Blurryface | Noam
Herbs & Vibing

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My Name's Blurryface | Noam

S h ō l i

Y a k a s h i m a

Meandering along the southern border of The Legion, the Yakashima teenager snuffled around the warmer grounds for herbs. As of late, the hybrid had taken up the role of a healer, trying to be the best for her people and her mother. She knew that luck wouldn't always be on their side and someone would be bound to get hurt or fall ill in a matter of time. The wolves, animals like her mother, seemed to be the most prone to fights. The *sparky one who crackled like lightning when he walked seemed to be the most volatile to injury.

He was moody when she applied her medicines, but he lightened up with a mumbled "thank you" under his breath by the time she was done. From what she had heard around camp, his nose was broken. "Broken" in the sense of "it doesn't work like it should" as was specified when the Yakashima child asked. The wolf was what her brain called a 'Tsundere' - the meaning behind the word was lost in seasons past, but rang clear as a bell each time her different colored eyes fell on him limping to her herb stashes.

As of right now, however, she was collecting for no other purpose than to resupply what was readily available within the territory. Queen Akeela and Kallisto were occupied with their adorable babies and so couldn't be bothered with granting permission to travel further than The Legion's claimed grounds.

Claws raked against the loose barks of certain trees, bits of Birch and Elder bark tumbling down to the needled floor of the forest. Shōli eased her way back down the tree with care to not harm herself in the process. Her mulit-colored eyes glittered at her find, the perfect bath-time simmer for the winter. Pine pre-collected and the Elder bark promoted good breathing [lung health], the Birch and chewed 'beans' of the Vanilla Orchid adding a nice touch to ease the itch of any pesky bugs who sought out a warm blood dinner.

Notes: * - Shōli is talking about Fang, my other Legion char. He has Crackle, the "lightning" she speaks of

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No rain, no flowers

Shōli currently speaks Japanese and Korean fluently. She is learning English and can form small sentences and phrases. || Wherever she goes (at least until she is +1.75), Iris will not be far behind and will hop in any thread with her. || Shōli wears a necklace with a thin black tether and a golden ring with Kanji on it. || Wings (View 1) ~ Wings (View 2)


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