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Open Bewitched Besties

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Bewitched Besties

(This post was last modified: 06-24-2020, 12:28 PM by Tsubasa. Edited 1 time in total.)
I have an idea for a Paegan/Wiccan sort of group to hang around Yavania, acting as wandering magicians, medics, and clerics to offer their time/services of the Arcana! There can be more added as I get ideas, but these are the main babe ideas i have for now. These aren't very specific, but do add in a Major Arcana that suits their essence if you can manage it - it interests me to see how one could apply this, but don't feel restricted to do so!

Art may be added later on as an update~

Name: Arian Arcanis
Gender: Male/Non-Binary
Species: [Mountain] Lion
Personality: [Tarot - The Magician] Mentoring, Soft-hearted, Protective, self-sacrificial, Empathetic/over-emotional, petty, Judgemental, remorseful
Description: Dark tan/brown feline with white dorsal stripe, tail, back feet, & front paws - lilac eyes

Taken By: Me [Tsubasa]

Name: ??? (Arcanis, if they want to be adoptive siblings to each other)
Gender: Female/Non-binary
Species: Ball Python
Personality: [Tarot - The Fool] Happy-go-lucky, Optimistic, Cooperative, helpful, judgemental, reckless, nosy - Up to Player
Description: Up to Player

Taken By: Dikui

Name: ???
Gender: Up to Player
Species: [Striped/Spotted] Hyena/Aardwolf/Large Horse
Personality: [Tarot - High Preistess] Loyal, Highly intuitive, passionate, sticks to his/her/their guns, suspicious, secretive, Fears failure - Up to Player
Description: Darker end of the color spectrum, probably likes colorful dyes & jewelry - Up to Player
Taken By: OPEN

To apply, fill out the form below!
Email (if not a member):
Which: who you applying for?
Personality: 7+ sentences
Appearance: 7+ sentences


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RE: Bewitched Besties

(Eyes will be light gray)

Which: Ball Python (Naira Arcanis)

Personality: Naira has never been hard to spot, no matter the situation or if she's even supposed to be the one in the spotlight. She gravitates toward the center of any gathering. She's bubbly, friendly, and can be a bit childish. Equipped with a quick and fearless laugh, Arcanis can appear to be joy incarnate. Insults slide right off of her, quickly discarded.

Naira tries to be helpful and kind. If she's ever cruel, it's in an innocent way. She gossips about everyone. Poking fun at others is just something she likes to do. Friends, family, potential soon-to-be-friends. Others can rarely stay mad at her for long, especially since she makes it clear that it's nothing personal. It's hard to imagine the python in a fight. She avoids fighting at all costs. It's probably the only thing she's afraid of. If a spar is necessary, she'll probably get Arian, her bestest best friend ever, to fight for her.

Lying isn't something this Arcanis is good at. Naira may try to lie, but succeeding in it is difficult even among the most obtuse of companions. Every emotion flashes across her face at speed, making it close to impossible for her to hide her feelings from others.

Description: Naira is a ball python clothed in mottled brown and tan patches. Her looks are probably the most commonplace thing about her. No eye-catching colors or unusual size. Just shades of brown. Her body is about average size for a female of her species. Her shape is thin near her head, before widening at her middle, and tapering off neatly to conclude her tail. Her head is long and shapely, framing soft light gray eyes.

Sorry this took a while!


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19 years
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RE: Bewitched Besties

It's all good, Dikui! Naira Arcanis is yours!


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