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Arian Arcanis
Char idea!

OC Account
© Tsubasa
18 years
Height: Short King
Posts: 0
AP: 6.5AP
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Weight: Stik

Arian Arcanis

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Age/Birth Month: 2.25, Fall
Height: 29 in.
Weight: 117 lbs.
Build: Average
Gender: Non-Binary [Masc.]
Species: Mountain Lion
Etc: n/a
Psychic: Lvl. 1 - [x] - [x] - [x]
(Divination): Lvl. 1 - [x] - [x] - [x]
(Savant): Lvl. 1 - [x] - [x] - [x]
ELEMENT: Lvl. 1 - [x] - [x] - [x]
Feat(s): ???
Flaw(s): Truthful
Personality: [Tarot - The Magician] Mentoring, Soft-hearted, Protective, self-sacrificial, Empathetic/over-emotional, petty, Judgemental, remorseful

Description: Dark tan/brown feline with white dorsal stripe, tail, back feet, & front paws - lilac eyes - black/very dark brown mark over top lip [- black/very dark brown Disciple mark]
- *Rare Color [Creation]
- *Long Fur
- *Jewelry, ~Necklace~
- Jewelry, ~ Elmt. Necklace~
- Jewelry, ~Earrings 1~
- Jewelry, ~Earrings 2~
- Jewelry, Bracelet (x3)
- Naira Arcanis ~ Ball Python ~ Best Friend/Companion ~ known since she/they hatched
- ??? ~ Hyena/Aardwolf/Large Horse ~ Diplomatic figurehead, close friend ~ known since before the loss of her husband (whom she despised)
Here is a wide cell for you to use. Display diamonds, feats, family, elements, pictures - whatever you want.
Arian was orphaned since he was three months old, feeding off the scraps he could steal from others or that were thrown to him by the "kindness" of other's hearts. He bounced from one shelter to another in his youth; kingdoms and clans, tribes and troops, but none of them ever were strong enough to not be invaded and dominated.

He slowly lost his baby charm with each new enemies' victory, his forming philosphies and opinions oft risking his life, and didn't want to sell himself to be used by a new stranger every night. So Arian decided it was high time to put his bloodline's blessing to use. His parents, as little as he got be around them, knew the use of magic - the cub prayed to any deity that would listen to his pleas, begging to become strong and wise in his family element, imploring to be someone remembered fondly and with respect as a magician.

His wish was granted as his first sign of magic appeared in the form of Telepathy. Utilizing his ability, he amazed crowds and became wildly popular among the magic-less folk of the town. Many would have him presents as payment for his services: Feathers, jewels, simple tools, herbs and their uses, and many other countless presents. One had been so confident in his ability, despite him still being a child himself, even left a child. A newborn serpent - a ball python - in a freshly woven basket looked up at him with her big baby eyes. He accepted "Naira" as a friend and baby sibling, travelling with her everywhere his higher-end clients sent him.

It would be soon in their mid- that they captured the eyes of the reigning bloodline. Her Ladyship, [NAME] of Pyaecrys (pie-yuh-cris), recruited him to find an explanation to her reoccurring dreams. Being a bit skeptical of rulers coming to see a lowly "child", he wavered but eventually greed to help. She invited the cougar and python into her temple-sized mansion and showed them around, stopping by the dining hall for a snack and showing the two to their quarters.

The Lord of the province, [NAME]'s arranged husband, was not aware of the guest and lost whatever chill he had. Lady [NAME] didn't do so much as flick an ear, and neither did Arian and Naira. The Lord made a fool of himself, showing his true, childish, selfish nature to the youngling magicians. As they dug deeper into the meanings behind her dreams in the libraries, Lord [NAME] made it difficult for them as he treated the two like his personal servants.

He felt the whole world owed him, including some kid that his wife brought in basically from the streets. [[He was the Heir of the conquering tribe and has no blood or emotional relations tied to Pyaecrys other than his wife, the queen of the fallen heirarchy.]] He treated Arian and Naira like they were diseased until he wanted something from them; then he would smother them with kind words and his weight (read: great big "Hippopota-butt").

They hated being around his Lordship. Arian couldn't speak for their bestest friend commonly wrapped around his neck, but they were almost certain she felt the same way. There was no way, they thought, that anyone could make being around him bearable. Well... y'know how they say "It comes when one least expects it"...

He was whining boisterously about his bathwater in the middle of their studies when a creature roughly Arian's age served as a fresh reprieve to their strained lilac eyes. A red-head maned wolf kept skittering around him, yipping something about an illness and the good of the commonfolk. The Lord bursted out of the room, looking for his "pets" to go hunting with since nobody had catered to him faster. The red-head sighed, feeling defeated, but perked up as his eyes fell on the cougar. There was a split moment of intrigue between the predators but it never became anything more than subconscious flirting and pining. They were never in the same place for long, but they tried to communicate any way they would. All Arian knew about him without the message being intercepted at one point was his name: Joules. To the best of their knowledge, he was the apprentice to an old palace doctor, soon to take her place when she passed on.

Months passed into their late "teens" and sadly, as their bond formed and strengthened, so did a horrid disease among the townsfolk. It was one that ravaged past every treatment put against it, one that chose its victims at random and tore at them mercilessly. The good doctor passed on due to the plague, Joules now as the province's best chance had to take the helm. The Pagans did all in their combined powers to protect who weren't currently effected with charms, herbal remedies, and works of the like.

No cure was ever found when it died down. Thousands of lives were lost to the illness, including that of Lord [NAME]. Two seasons passed with nothing but mourning for those lost and the province was grey. Nothing could heal quite like time, and it was very patient before animals began to come out and socialize.

In what seemed to be no time at all, the Magic Duo were on another adventure, one of self-discovery and finding what could be a true "home".

Look, more cell spaces for you to use!
Fighter log maybe?
Hunting log?
Family log?
Woot woot, all the cell spaces.
I normally use this cell to display diamonds, but feel free to use this for whatever.


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