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All Welcome I'll set the world on Fire.

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I'll set the world on Fire.


Sakuya-hime had no true home. She had no place that was permanently her's and so she was considered a wanderer, hopping from place to place and returning back to her mother's side when she missed her - which was frequent. She had developed a strong affection for the dark pelted lioness that had taken her in, a loyalty that she would never break. She owed a lot to her mother and would do everything in her power to stay by her side and protect her and give her the love that she could offer.

Sakuya had grown use to her awkward gait, her awkward shuffling step. It was no longer a strange feeling to move slowly but the pain was still there, rarely absent. Winter was welcome to her as the sun seemed to be less hot almost as if something were blocking it's burning rays. She was grateful to the cooler weather and therefore preferred to stay in areas that were coolest but every now and then she found herself leaving areas and going on to explore others. She didn't see a problem with being a wanderer, a traveler, a gypsy of sorts. She was content to be herself now and no longer shied away from questioning gazes or the look that said What happened to you!. She was still self conscious some times and wanted to hide but other times she was bold and ready to face whatever came her way. She still held the fear of fire, that dreaded panic that shot through her when she saw the hot flames lapping hungrily up in the air. Just the thought alone made her shudder with fear.

Despite her step being slow the woman was able to get around pretty quickly. She was able to get to destinations without much trouble now. How funny it was that one could get use to things that they thought they would never get use to.

Stepping lightly, the scarred female moved through the thickly wooded area. She was forcing herself to get use to areas such as this as she figured she should know all types of lands. She hated trees but she knew that trees were necessary, trees brought life and in some cases hope. Her reddish gaze moved around, scanning the area when she caught the glow of something in one of the trees. For a moment she was frozen with fear thinking the glow might be that of the dreaded fire but when there was no crackling noise to be heard, just that of the soft rustling of the trees, the woman crept forwards and peered closely at the glowing tree. "What is this... why is it glowing, how is it glowing.." the woman spoke in Korean, her red gaze flicking over the glowing portion of the tree.

Action | "Speech" | Magic
I've got fire in my soul, burning hotter the sun.

OOC= underlined portion is spoken in Korean.

Note: Sakuya-hime is slower then most because of her burn-marks that often leave her in pain. She also suffers from PTSD due to an event that happened when she was young. She is afraid of fire.
Sakyua is also snappish at times, more on some days than others.
Her thoughts and actions in no way reflect my own.

Sakuya speaks Korean, Japanese and English but often prefers to use Korean over any of the others and can be heard muttering in it.


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