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Spotlights: May '20
most adventurous

[played by Dikui]
Diciples of Mother Earth

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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Walking around the borders in the dead heat of afternoon, Draco wasn't sure what he'd find when he was able to return home. Was he going to find the adorable brats getting the better of Finlay? Well, that actually seemed amusing. Draco wasn't afraid to admit such a thing either. Okay, maybe out loud, but there wasn't anyone that he knew that were able to read minds. Anyone besides Finlay, of course. He continued with his unhurried movements. If he rushed something in the patrol, there was a possibility that he could miss something. And if he missed something that he could have stopped before it even happened, Draco would not be amused. The strawberry tiger kept his eyes open and his ears pointed forward. Though he was alert, his mind also wandered. He wondered what Finlay was doing... and if he'd be able to dump the kids off with his father and mother for an afternoon.

The two cubs were the first grandchildren, after all, and he expected nothing less than the two of them being spoiled. He'd never actually thought about a family but now that he had them, he didn't wish to let them go.

But just because he didn't want to let them go also didn't mean that he would have no problem dumping them on someone else for a night or two. If he could convince his parents - his mother probably the better one to approach - then he'd be able to snag Finlay away. With that thought deeply seeded, Draco made sure that his patrol would finish up pretty quick. The faster (but still being efficient) that he finished his patrol, the quicker he'd be able to approach his parents with his request.

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