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A blizzard began in Whitebark, as sudden as a downpour. Cyfton stood amidst it eyes of ice scrutinizing the land. “Akeela Dusk.” His voice bellowed, daring defiance. “You have failed and thus been marked as unfit.” There would be no second chances here. Winter glazed amidst the atmosphere, the polar bear’s intentions to set this stone in place a common courtesy for all, “Who will take her place?” In magic and authority, Cyfton removed the tigress from her role.

A rumble thundered from the avatar’s chest, particles of snow dancing in unison before he disappeared once more; discussions were in order, and he cared not for them.

The Legion is open to claiming! Once claimed, it may be changed as little or as much as the new leader desires (rules, colors, name, ranks, etc). Characters need 40 posts to claim (unless they have a Leader Discount Pass), and they must be 2+ years old (unless they have a Youthful Leader Pass). The following is the order of inheritance: co-leader, heir, duke, baron. These characters have first dibs even if they do not show up first (though they must show up within 24 hours and have 40+ posts). If no one has stepped up in 24 hours, The Legion will be disbanded.


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Kallisto Ariadne Lykaios


Kallisto had been out doing her duties as queen. Marking where was needed and clawing at the trees. That was when she heard the call. What was it about? She had failed and been marked unfit? An anger rumbled through her chest, how could someone say such a thing about her mate? She approached where the call had been sounded from but found no one. Shaking her head, she presumed it must’ve been an avatar. But why Akeela? Glancing around, the bear spoke in a loud voice. I am co-Queen so, I will take the spot. The legion will not be disbanded today.” Her eyes cast around, pray god Akeela showed Up. What in the world was this about?

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the north remembers

Perses was patrolling the territory. His Companion perched on his back. He marked a couple of spots on his way. And then the wolf stopped in his tracks.

The red-eyed Lord heard a voice boom across the land. An Avatar? He didn't quite recognize the voice. Akeela had failed? Marked unfit? Someone needed to take her place? The beast took off in the direction of the voice. What was going to happen if no one took Akeela's place? What if a Rogue tried to take over?

The Storm Lord arrived in time to see Kallisto. He heard her say that she would take the throne. He was relieved to see Akeela's mate take over. Where was Akeela?

'You could take over; sieze the throne.' Abaddon's voice was back, stronger than ever in his head. The bird perked up, eyeing the bear queen. 'Challenge her.'

'No.' The beast would never think of challenging Kallisto. First of all, she was Akeela's mate. That gave her the right to the throne in his eyes. And shd was a bear; even if he had magic on his side, he would never challenge Kallisto unless it was dire.

The beast would stop six feet away from the she-bear. The beast would attempt to activate Telepathy on the woman. 'I will support you, just as I had with Akeela, my Queen.' The Oathsworn dipped his head towards the Queen.

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(This post was last modified: 07-08-2020, 04:57 PM by Randavae. Edited 1 time in total.)

I woke as though lightning had hit me, an even more thundering strike then running through my ears.

Akeela Dusk...has failed?

I scrambled to my feet, wondering if I should follow the voice. For all I knew it could be a trap, just as the last time, and the time before that.

But a trap such as this many would fall for, especially the Queen, which worried me most.

Silently, maybe I did believe she was a fool leading fools, but she did have many redeeming qualities I found worth protecting.

Food, for example.

I decided to go. Whether I should or shouldn't wasn't quite my concern. Really, I was just bored.

Having arrived at the supposed location, my ears peeked past the tree I half-hid behind, them listening for conversation. I needed more information. I wasn't going to panic just yet.

But there I only found a bear, who I recognized as living in the same den as I. Shortly beside her was the Beast, who didn't speak, but perhaps because their conversation was already over.

To my confusion--and relief--the Queen wasn't present. Where was she? It felt as though she would respond to this, if not because she was convinced the voice spoke truth, but because she wanted to investigate.

That was mostly the reason I came here, at least.

I stepped out from the tree I was behind, now fully revealed if someone were to choose to notice me. I needed a better view of the location. Whoever spoke the voice was definitely nowhere in sight, which I did find to be odd.

But fleeing is not too out of the question. Spread rumors then leave. Maybe they're the prankster type. But a simple "prankster" probably wouldn't be able to shout as loud as that.

Then I remembered the moose. It spoke just as loudly, just as bellowing. Perhaps it was the moose. And it used its freaky magic mind-controlling stuff to bring everyone here.

But in that case, why wouldn't it work on me? Perhaps it was working on me and I hadn't realized it yet. But if they had the ability to control your mind, you'd think they'd control it so you wouldn't be able to theorize about this stuff. Maybe magic isn't as advanced as I thought.

Or maybe they didn't target me, and only targeted the more important members of the Legion. In that case, though, why isn't the Queen here?

Perhaps they already kidnapped her. Perhaps she's lying as a corpse somewhere behind these trees and we haven't found her yet.

That thought did spook me a little bit, but I knew it was only a thought. And thoughts, of course, aren't real.

Whether my theories were right or wrong, I supposed I would watch and find out for myself shortly. And watching--with wide eyes, especially--was definitely one of my strong suits.


OOC: ahhh feels good to post again! definitely missed spacing out as Randavae. this post was especially fun (and long), too.

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Because no-one has challenged Kallisto's claim (as of 7/2/2020 at 7:18 pm Yava time), she is now sole Queen of Aldrarni! Updates will be made accordingly. We apologize for the late note.


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