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All Welcome What's for Lunch?

Aldrnari King
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What's for Lunch?

Sribna Nich

Just because I am blind does not mean I cannot see.

After eating some lunch in the kitchens Xewk was walking towards the borders for his usual border patrol. He enjoyed the time alone, it gave him time to think to himself about stuff that needed to be done. To be honest though, things were going quite well. The kids were growing up wonderfully and well behaved. Frigga and him were as close as ever, she was a wonderful mother, queen, and an adoring mate. She was saint-like practically. Always seeming to have an abundance of patience, managing to keep her calm far past the point of what he thought he could naturally. Though she was a few years older, perhaps it came with experience as well. No matter the reason, Xewk absolutely adored her, loved her, and made absolutely sure she knew it.

Whether it be a few flowers picked and placed next to their bed, or a surprise treat from the kitchen, Xewk attempted to leave small gifts for Frigga when he could. He would always bring things back for the children, but making sure to make that Frigga felt special, that was a goal. His secret goal. Well… perhaps not so secret, at least not to Frigga, and those who actually paid attention. Xewk was a bit of a prickly pear. He was softening up slightly, but still, he tended to come off as rigid, or awkward. Some even probably viewed him as scary. He was, in ways he figured. But not purposefully, most certainly not that. It was probably the unavoidable large scar he had down his neck, warding people away from him. A deterrent per say. That or his ‘I don’t deal with nonsense’ sort of attitude.

It was probably the latter.

Xewk paused his walking as he spotted Sribna up ahead, apparently doing his rounds of patrol as well. ’Guess I will have company on this walk.’ While yes, he enjoyed his time alone, he also understood the need to chat with other realm leaders, form friendships with them. Walking up to Sribna with purposeful loud steps he spoke, "Hello King Sribna, would you mind if I joined you on your patrol this time?” A nudge at Sribna from last time.


Sribna smiled as he heard footsteps approach him from inside the realm. Surely it was someone he knew. The sound of padded feet was followed by the smell of Xewk, closely followed by the man’s voice.”Ah, yes Xewk. I mean King Xewk! Company would be lovely.” He would get better at being less lax… probably… He gave a smile and proceeded to walk forwards. After giving a sniff, picking up on the scent of Xewk’s lunch he smiled, ”Boar? That smells like a nice lunch.”


Xewk gave a single small chuckle as he walked alongside Sribna. He remembered the man’s good sense of smell back from when he picked up on Frigga being pregnant back when. "It was a lovely lunch. My sibling made far too much of it. They are a chef in the Kitchen. If you ever wish yourself a nicely cooked meal, ask for Helu to make it. They would be more than happy to make you anything your stomach desired.”


Sribna held the smile on his face as Xewk talked about his sibling. He didn’t have any siblings here, or that he knew of, but he had children, and his two mates, and their very very large and extensive family that he considered his own. So he didn’t feel lonely in the slightest.

He also did not miss Xewk’s use of pronouns. Helu was a they. Got it. He had no problem with that in the slightest. But he did have a question. ”Could Helu make food for Loki and Rai too? Or would that be too much at once?” Sribna didn’t know how cooking went. But having his mates go with him, that would be a fun little date they could do together.


Xewk couldn’t help but let a smile pull up at the corner of his lips. "Helu is at their happiest when they can cook. So cooking for multiples I am sure just amplifies the feeling.” At least that is how Xewk saw it. Taking a second to think about it for a second he pitched in, "I want to correct that statement. Helu would be at peak happiness, cooking alongside Queen Kari. That is… if Queen Kari can cook. My sibling would be very upset if she accidentally burnt anything.” He chuckled before continuing to walk with Sribna, listening to the smaller man giggle about what he just said.

"Sribna Speaks.""Xewk Speaks."
Dan Hutcheson

Oc note. PPed Xewk as he is mine


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RE: What's for Lunch?

Kari Dame

I am a bit sassy, with some sarcasm thrown into the mix, but stoic at the same time - and brash.

She knew that her grandmother no longer needed to do patrols. But it was still nice to have her company. Rai had found Kari walking toward the borders and so, she'd merely invited herself along. When she'd come to visit, the two had been together far more than they ever were now. It was because her granddaughter had been learning, taking in everything that she could before she headed toward her next adventure. Rai knew exactly where that adventure had eventually taken her. She'd eventually came back to the lands in which she was born into. As much as Rai didn't desire to admit it, she knew what it felt like returning back to a place that she'd been born into. They'd walked in silence, neither hurried in their slow movements.

The two of them were experienced fighters and thus, they didn't think that they had to be on edge. Kari's head flicked up, the sounds of voices traveling toward her perked ears. Rai glanced at her granddaughter before she flicked her attention to where her head was pointed in. From where they currently stood, the two males were walking away from them. Kari moved without thinking about it and when she came into hearing distance, it was when Xewk claimed that she'd make Helu cry if she'd burnt the food. Rai's lips twitched, her eyes flicking toward her granddaughter as the younger wolf narrowed her eyes. "I resent that," Kari said as she moved so she'd stop in front of the two boys, hopefully forcing them both to pause.

"Just because I don't doesn't mean that I can't."

Rai's lips only went higher that the exasperation that she could hear in her granddaughter's tone. She moved until she was able to hopefully brush lightly against her smaller coyote mate. Even though Sribna wasn't able to see the amusement that danced in her eyes, he'd be able to hear it in her tone of voice. "Oh, it seems that you have struck a nerve, Xewk." Her grin sharpened and if Kari was paying more attention to her grandmother than glaring down the cougar, she'd had notice that whatever she had in mind next was not going to be in her favor. "If you feel so salty about it, Kari, then perhaps you should do something about it." Her eyes danced in amusement as she stared upon her granddaughter. "Unless you wish for your grandfather's teachings become rusty and forgotten."

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