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Stress Surplus

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Stress Surplus

He'd woken up earlier than he'd intended. The sun had barely started to come over the horizon when Draco found himself outside the den. Glancing over his shoulder, he made sure that he was the only one that was up. He was certain that both cubs were still soundly asleep. Finlay, on the other hand, was an entirely different matter. There was no way that he could ever predict what Finlay was going to do or not. And Draco would never admit to this; but he enjoyed every minute of it. Once he was satisfied that he probably hadn't disturbed his small family, he headed off. The faster he was able to knock out making sure that there was nothing amiss with his borders, the faster he could return back home. Draconis hadn't realized at how much his life would revolve around children. He had never really thought of it as such because he really hadn't paid much attention with how his parents acted around he and his siblings.

Perhaps it was because he believed that was to be expected. That his life was supposed to be the forefront of his parents' minds. Now that he had children, he could utterly admit that believe had some merit behind it. Draco snorted to himself as he found himself easily at the borders of his home. He had to be fast but still not miss anything. Even in his impatience, Draconis was not going to miss something that would put any sort of risk on his family.

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RE: Stress Surplus

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While it was much overdue, Syuna did not take lightly in bestowing gifts upon the children of Mother Earth -- love, compassion and absolute devotion is what fashioned this godly avatar's visions. She, for one, adored the expectancy of babes, and especially delivering them to those that dreamed of parenthood. However, today was not one of those days. The Child Bringer appeared in a flash of white, sand floated like hawaiian waves before settling back upon the ground; a prodigy of the Malfoy's, exceptional and promising with all that he gave to not only Vipera, but his family as well. "Draconis Malfoy," Vocals were sweet and arbitrated by a soft semblance, "Your love and devotion to your family is special, and the fidelity you've committed to Vipera is both courageous and selfless. Be blessed, my child." And just like that, Syuna prayed the tiger with a blessing from the god's.

Then, she vanished back into the eternal realm.

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