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All Welcome [Maverick] {M} We could fight a war for peace

Valkyrja Cadet
A. wild dog
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[Maverick] {M} We could fight a war for peace

What's up, danger?

Fraya padded through the Palm Peninsula. Her Companion was perched on her head. She was still a bit affected from her spar with Jinx. She remembered when her magic wasn't working right and she almost killed Herleif (an exaggeration, but still) and that worried her. She needed to control her magic better. She padded over to a spot of ground, stopping at a rock.

'Well, have you considered doing something like focusing on something to calm down?' the lorikeet suggested. Fraya was high-energy and was well, reactive. Maybe she could do with some calming down.

So, the African Wild Dog plopped down and began focusing on a stone. Suddenly, Transmute activated for the first time of its own accord and the rock became a piece of metal which then became a small bird-like shape of metal. Startled, Fraya backed away from the metal. For fuck's sake, she was being like a pup! Unable to control her own magic! Her mind was just so active that things became hard to control.

Well, she could try focusing on the metal bird she created. She tried to just focus on that but her mind wandered to shapeshifting into a bird. She huffed and tried to refocus. This was going to be a long day.

OOC ⟶ Boring starter is boring.
Word Count ⟶ 211
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stock from Dorothy Jenkins & Derek Keats

Fraya wears a ring with the element Lightning.


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RE: [Maverick] {M} We could fight a war for peace

Maverick Fritjov

You’re the fool for thinking you could run.

There was a time when Maverick didn’t care for interactions or finding ways to make use of the earth he stood upon, however now, as he got older, things changed. Bridled by a charcoal mane, gold accents coated the man entirely, bracing him with an unusual yet, handsome set of features. Well, he thought so. A brow came up, cerulean eyes soon finding themselves on a woman –– wild dog, pretty –– he hadn’t a clue if she were family or not, actually. Memory did not serve him well right now, huh. Coming forward in a manner of stoic dominance he couldn’t help to show, Maverick’s attention turned to the metal bird. The fuck? He honestly had no idea what they were trying to accomplish, “Surely you can’t be frustrated by a piece of scrap.” Yeah, the lion was a killer for stirring the pot -- he grinned, keeping distance by a few feet to their left. He didn’t care if it hurt their feeling or not, because the charming man was here for simple amusement, a way to release all that built up tension. Maverick was young, yes, however that meant little to none. An ear would flick as the wintry air belted against the penninsula’s tide, Mother Earth’s sun baring no help in this situation.

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Steve Garvie


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