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Private [Sabrina] Dine In

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[Sabrina] Dine In

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Maverick Fritjov

You’re the fool for thinking you could run.

Encounters, encounters, encounters.

Maverick didn’t quite understand what he was meant to do, but hey, where’s the fun in knowing? It wasn’t often that the boy of Algiz left the covet of home, however these days, things were getting a little boring –– he wanted anything but that. Right, the golden lion was a cold and calculating womaniser; something he had yet to deploy. An asshole in disguise, feeding whatever sensations he desired and Maverick would surely take advantage of any situation that arose with opportunity. Or, perhaps out of sheer luck. A scoff protruded from velveteen-lips, maneuvering atop the mossy woodlands like he dahm-well owned the place. There was an obsession for power, but he had yet to come up with something to flavour it. The boy’s cerulean eyes danced against the colourful fungi, silent and intuitive. Wait, why was he here again? An ear would flick, dominance emitting as a smirk peeled from every crevice and crook, observant of the skyrocketing trees and curling undergrowth.

Flourish came, except the lion didn’t take much notice to it at all.

OC Note: He has his full mane, just haven't updated the table. <3

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Steve Garvie


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RE: [Sabrina] Dine In

Sabrina Bennett

I Loved Her, But The Dark Side Of Her
Any Girl Can Play Innocent, But Her Demons Are What Drove Me Wild

Brina wasn't exactly sure what she had going for herself right now. Nothing? Maybe it was time to leave Yavania, who knows. There was not a lot here, she found in fact she hardly got around to meeting anyone anymore. Or finding a good ole place to stay, perhaps meet someone. It didn't seem like any of that kind of stuff was all too likely right now. Shaking her head, the woman stopped her train of thoughts to glance around at where she was. Fire Newt accidentally activated, appearing just to the right of her front paw. Sabrina almost jumped out of surprise, looking down to see the oddly coloured thing staring right at her. In confusion, she glanced around. Where had it come from? It had to of snuck up on her while she was deep in thought right?

She would move her paw to jostle it farther away from her only to feel the heat resinating off of it. A brow raised as she took a step away and began to walk away from it. Weird... There was a small thought in her mind that said it could be magic but she saw it impossible. No way she could summon like that. The tigress came to a halt as she spotted what looked to be another feline a ways through the trees. A lion it looked to be, sniffing the air she came to the conclusion that it was for sure a lion and a male at that. However, she could smell a certain scent coming off him. It was one of a realm and an idea came to my mind.

The woman made her way towards the man and she attempted to stop a few feet from him. "Hello there..." Sabrina would give him a once over before her eyes returned to try and meet his. A smile crossing her face as she spoke. "Name's Sabrina, you?"

She Walks. | "She Talks." | She Thinks. | She Uses Magic.

Her Secrets, Her Pain, Her Darkness
That's What Made Me Love Her


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