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All Welcome [M] Time to build us a fire, seven hundred feet high~

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[M] Time to build us a fire, seven hundred feet high~

Time to build us a fire, seven hundred feet high~

The wolf trotted across the prairie, yet a new area for her to explore, this time in the Southern Lands. The climate was agreeable, but Rose was not in a mood to just hang around and enjoy the weather, considering herself on a rather important mission. Her muscles felt tense and sore after all the roaming, the nomad life of a rogue starting to wear on her, and she desired to relax. Like adults did.

Her paws were aching with every step“What’s Sabrina waiting for?” she thought to herself, wondering what was taking the tigress so much time, considered that it may be wise to intentionally seek her out to hear if there was still plans for a new, female-led kingdom. She wanted a place to call her own, a creek where she could bathe her fur without worrying about running into the wrong creature at the wrong time, not to mention be done with the loneliness and aimlessness of roaming. The stresses of survival had added up, and the craving for release had bubbled underneath her skin since she last ran into Devon, now finally coming to a surface and becoming almost an obsession.

She eyed the diverse flora with great caution as she passed them, hoping to find a long-stemmed beauty somewhere in the bushel, and her prayers seemed to have results as she spotted a promising tall plant peeking out of a ditch. The wolf hurried towards it, and her mouth shaped a mischievous smile as her suspicions were confirmed. It was her white whale, it was the plant. The female variant, sporting large, green nuggets, covered in small crystals. The excitement pounded in her… it was time to get high.

The joy didn’t last long, as now that she had found it she realized she had no way to light it. Small, seasonal wildfires had occurred with frequency where she was from, and that’s when the whole pack would partake, inhaling the fumes from a safe distance, but due to the uncontrolled nature of the fires the elders often suffered from asthma and emphysema after partaking in enough festivals. Now, she was in no such luck, and she did not possess the ability to control fire. ”Fuck” She looked around, knowing there was no shortage of magic, and hoped that maybe someone with just the right skillset would come along.

Speaking ~ Thinking ~ Doing

OOC: Because of the intention of engaging in drugs I felt it was appropriate to mark this post M. :)


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RE: [M] Time to build us a fire, seven hundred feet high~

Lysander Grennian-Lebraid

Lysander wandered the land that surrounded his home. Had he have known better he would have remained under the radar of others. He truly couldn't help but want the attention of another. Perhaps due to his age, he had matured into a much more handsome man than others may have hoped for. Ears tilt back as antlered skull held level, he walked quietly along, aiming his silence as he approached the Limestone Prairie. He had never been here before, well in most matters he couldn't remember even if he had. He knew the land though, strictly by passing knowledge. nose twitches as the decent sized man made his way like a shark. Gliding along in docile peace, not phased by much of the world around him. Eyes shift back and forth along the grounds, taking in the shrubbery and plantation that he knew nothing about.

His tail remained stiff behind him, alert and aware of the fact he could potentially not be alone. Brow arching ever so slightly only when the breeze pushed past him, causing his pent to dance slightly. Scents wrap within his nasal cavity, eyes rolling back into his head. Disgustingly pleasuring scents rush through him, tightening his gut with a vile urge to hunt. Eyes narrow as he remains within a level pace towards the now spotted chunk of meat. Her colours plastered her build, ebony and ivory laced upon a delicate frame. Brows both raise in primal instinct as he would attempt to approach the woman. Aiming to halt himself only a few feet away, if she would allow him, he rarely gave most a chance but his interest was far too peeked.

Saliva slipped passed barely shown canines, his nose twitching ass hackles dare not bristle upon his spine. Excitement coursing through his veins, he knew better than to act before thinking, didn't he? Ears tilt back as tongue releases from lips, running over his upper lips, pressing his whiskers back and smoothing the fur upon delicate skin. Brow arching as the antlered man stands before the woman, eyes examine how she stands, what she holds, and perhaps what she may be in search of. Violent tendencies stand below his skin, mere inches as he watches her. What was she even doing? Tail twitches as widened stance holds him strong and as handsomely as he can.

Smirk twists across his face and he releases a soft cooing growl, male instinct to have her swoon within him. "Greetings, lovely lady... Is there something I can help you with, my love?" Deep vocals pour from his velvet lips as eyes lock upon her with nothing but false admiration to sell his performance. He was nothing but a true brute with little to no true emotion. Within him he felt the urge to charm to the woman though, and if he had learned anything, it was to follow his guts.

He walks. "He talks."

"Oh, my beautiful liar."


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