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All Welcome Trick or Treat!

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Trick or Treat!

(This post was last modified: 10-28-2020, 07:36 AM by Staff. Edited 3 times in total.)

The night is crisp and quiet, save for the calls of bats and other nocturnal creatures. A survey of the land reveals bright lights scattered across the filed, some under the base of the Divine tree. Upon further inspection, the lights are revealed to be pumpkins, carved out and lit from within by an unseen force. What could they be hiding within?

Who can post to this event?
This is an event for babes/teens. No one over 1.75 years of age may participate in the scavenger hunt portion of this thread, but adults may post to 'supervise' their babies.

How do I participate?
Post your character looking into various pumpkins of your choice and choose a number at the bottom of your first post (1-100) in an OC note. This will determine what, if anything, your character finds in the pumpkin they look into. Numbers cannot be repeated.

How many times can my character post?
If your first number isn't a winner, feel free to try a second number in another post, a third after that, etc, with each post. This is true per character, not per roleplayer. There is a limit of TWO prizes per character, but your character can keep posting to interact with others.

Is there a posting order?
Just like other SWP and festivals, there is no posting order.

How long does this event last?
Choosing numbers will end Oct 31th at 11:59, and prizes will be announced as the game progresses.

NOTE: If a character posts here, they may not post at the corn maze.

Unavailable Numbers
1. 5. 7. 8
12. 15.
30, 33
50. 55
73. 79.
99. 100.


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RE: Trick or Treat!

The pumpkin season was here, a time Yurei knew well as once when she was a child she came to find stuff within a Pumpkin. But it was now her kid’s turn if they wanted to come. But before leaving, Yurei had to perform her duties as a healer, making sure the herb stocks were in date between a few more tasks. But once she was done she would call for her kids if they wished to come. Unn of course rushed to her mother’s side and like that walking very slowly Yurei would leave to Syuna’s courtyard, looking back from time to time so to see if either Sula or Zakai were coming as well.

-Time skip to Syuna’s courtyard-

She and Unn arrived at the place where pumpkins rested all over the field. And with the bat calls and the shining pumpkins, it caused Yurei to feel a bit uneased. But calmly she would seat down to supervise her kids. She would wait there in the case if anyone wished to leave or needed help.“Be careful Unn, let me know if you need anything…” She said as she lied down but not taking her gaze off her daughter. There as she stared at the kid, she aimed to activate a red Lantern near Unn so to maybe aid her if she needed some light. And like that she would just observe what Unn would do.

oc- pped Unn
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Code by Kaitlyn/stock by Kati.H

Yurei has a necklace with a golden chain and a black stone as a pendant. It is infused with healing magic.

Due to Yurei's depression issues, her posts would hold many hard topics like depression and suicide(in some cases) so be aware when threading with her.


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RE: Trick or Treat!

(This post was last modified: 10-09-2020, 11:07 AM by Unn. Edited 1 time in total.)

Unn was quick to arrive beside her mother, happiness exploded within her chest as this was her first time leaving the kingdom’s lands. And for a long time, she wondered what could be out there. But abiding by the Kingdom’s laws, she didnt dare to step out. But nowhere she was, accompanied by her mother and hopefully her siblings as well. And she inquired why was her mother bringing them here, but as soon as they arrived her question was solved. As upon her eyes, with the night falling over their backs, pumpkins with lights through their eyes rose there. “Ohhh, what’s on their mom?” She asked looking back at her mother as she started to approach the nearest one. And a red light formed beside her. “You have to find out..look inside and see what you can find.” Yurei explained and with that Unn would attempt to look inside. Chill as always maintained her skin as cold as a carcass, and Daemon affected her shadow by making it wag its tail.

’Let’s see! I wonder what I will find’

"speak." "Yurei speaks"| Magic | 'Thoughts'

OC- #50

Stock by Kati.H from dawnthieves


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RE: Trick or Treat!

Aloisius Olev

"Silence is the way to life."

Alo awoke with a start when he heard movement and a call from Yurei. Opening his eyes he walked downstairs seeing Unn and Yurei leaving the house. He of course wasn't going to let them go alone. He had to be the man of the house and protect them! Not that he could do much but he would try! Plus he could always sick Grampy Athos on those that tried anything. He wasn't going to lie the huge gorilla kind of scared him a bit. As he left the house he looked around seeing Devon lounging in a tree but he wasn't going to call out. The leopard either saw him or he didn't. He watched Yurei and Unn though and followed. He didn't want to let them out of his eyes sight. He wouldn't be able to find them otherwise. His two tails gently twitched against each other and he shuddered. Damn they still freaked him out. Hopefully neither of his family commented. He did not like them at all.

-Time Skip-

His managed to take his eyes off his sister and neice for a moment to look around at the pumpkins. There were so many! Yurei said to look inside and see what was in there and he smiled. Maybe he would look too. The pumpkins were all sorts of colors with lights around them. He wasn't sure what the occasion was but he assumed it would be fun to try. With no need to speak he just walked to the one closest to Unn and peered inside. His horns butted against the sides of it making a low echoing sound but he ignored it. He was too curious to be focusing on his horns.

text. "speech."
OC- #1


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RE: Trick or Treat!

(This post was last modified: 10-09-2020, 02:23 PM by Athos. Edited 1 time in total.)

Betta' get out muh way boy.  
Athos de le Fere

He was outside lounging in the shade on the other side of the tree that Devon was in. His hand was gently patting Kat's side. He heard voices coming from Fuli's house but ignored it for now. He had already gone this morning for a hike to get more wine because well his head was hurting and wine helped with that. He took shallow sips as he got lost in his thoughts. It was a nice day but Devon's jump to the ground startled him slightly. He gave the leopard a shallow glare at startling him. Devon was bouncy today. As if he wasn't bouncy everyday. He had more energy that him and Kat combined. "Come on. Fuli's family seems like they are going somewhere fun." Devon spoke and Athos just raised an eye before looking at his drink. Damn.. He looked in his pouch seeing nothing in there. He'd taken the seeds from the apple he ate out and put them on his dresser earlier. His pestle and mordor were there as well. He had been trying to get more Valerian for Kat so mashing them up was something he did last night. Did he really want to pour his wine in there though? The inside was made of dried intestines but he'd need to wash it after but he was going for a journey, he needed wine. Especially today of all days. Sighing he upended his bowl in there. Hopefully he had enough to last him the journey. He closed the flap to not let any spill before he stood up and started following after Devon.

Kat opened her eyes slowly after hearing Devon jump and speak. When Athos stopped petting her to upend his bowl she just raised an eyebrow. She was comfy damn it. Even when Athos moved she waited before grumbling out a breath and stood. She shook off her white coat, making sure that no dirt clung to her white fur before she followed. "So help me Devon if you made me move to follow Fuli's kids and look like a stalker I will step on one of your tails. We don't know Yurei as well as Fuli. She only knew of Fuli's daughters name because of Athos but there wasn't much that Athos didn't share with her. Except Noam. The bonobo had been a surprise that Athos even knew anyone outside of her. She flicked her tail as she wondered after them.

"Nah ma chill! Aloisious loves me! I can just say i followed him. Plus im curious and I want to see if I can get him to talk. Naeem is cool too. I don't know the others as well but they seem pretty chill." He said as he continued leading them.
-time skip-
Once he got to the Divine lands his eyes landed on Yueri, Unn and Aloisious. A smirk came to his face when he noticed Yurei's feathers and Alo's new tail. Damn winning with the cool marks! He walked closer to Yurei and laid down as well. Yea he didn't have a care, he already hung out with Fuli's younger kids and Athos and Kat liked Fuli so they were already family even if they weren't close. He noticed Yurei's eyes on her daughter before he looked at his mom. "What the hell ma! Why did you never bring me to this? This looks like fun!" He said with an aghast tone. He wanted to look in the pumpkin's too but he was a bit too old. Plus he doubted his Mom would be too happy if he just went knocking pumpkin's over so he didn't have to look inside and take the easy way out.

Athos rubbed his head at Kat and Devon's ranting. Instead choosing to walk in the middle and not say a word once they got to the divine fields. He turned his head when he saw Kat rub against his left side. "I swear if there's any bugs here I am going to jump into your lap. You know I hate bugs and yet you brought me to a place that was filled with them last time. This is your only warning, old man." Kat said to him and he let out a laugh. Once he was closer to Devon and Yurei he sat down and watched the kids before he turned his head to Yurei. "I 'ope you don' mind us joining you. We haven't officially met but im Athos, zats Kat and Devon's ze loud mouz. We are an extended family of Fuli's." Because as Fuli was D'Art's mate, that automatically made her family. So her family was his family.

He took a sip of his wine as he just watched Fuli's kids and Fuli's grandchild. He wanted to get to know them a bit more. Perhaps after this they could have a family dinner. He could always ask Noam if there was enough food. It gave him another reason to speak with the Bonobo. 2 birds with 1 stone.

'Athos Speaks' 'Kat Speaks' 'Devon Speaks'

OOC: PP'd Devon and Kat as they are my charries.
OOC: Rated M for Drunkeness
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RE: Trick or Treat!

The first time out of the Kingdom should have been an exciting moment, and was for most children and young adults who had never been out but for Sula it was a moment of pure fear. Not wishing to be left alone, Sula had answered her mother's call and followed along behind her. She would stay near her family and not venture to speak to others. As she walked the child would stumble and fall, cutting her paw pad on a sharp thorn.

She winced at the pain but said nothing and sitting down the child lifted a paw and tugged at the thorn to remove it before rubbing it with her nose. As she touched it, stitch would activate for the first time and heal the small nick, only leaving a slight sore spot where the thorn had been as well as a little bit of dried blood. The child stared in awe at it, had she just healed herself? Remaining silent she timidly put her paw back down onto the ground and pressed weight onto it before standing back up and moving towards her mother, sister and uncle. Without speaking the child twitched her ear to what her mother had said to Unn and looked around at the pumpkins..

She stared at them for a moment before venturing towards one that was a bit further from her family. Gently pressing a paw against the ridged vegetable, the child would then lean down to sniff at it.

(#25 please<3)

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RE: Trick or Treat!

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

Herleif walked towards the divine lands. He'd called for the other Kingdom kids and teens to come along with him as well if they'd like. He made sure that Kohana stayed on his back as he walked. His steps were even so he didn't accidentally knock her off. Avrid his spiranima flew above him slowing her wing strokes so she could match his pace. Though he could feel her irritation at not being allowed to go faster. He wasn't in a race to get anywhere quickly. As he arrived he noticed all of the pumpkins and it seemed like only Kingdom members were here right now. A first for once. He had no doubt the other realms would show up soon.

He aimed to put himself about 15 feet away from the other Kingdom members and lay down so Kohana could get off his back easier if she chose to. "Why don't you go see whats in the pumpkin like the others are doing." He said gently with a soft smile on his lips. He sent a nod to the young teens that had their heads stuffed in the pumpkins. It was a funny sight. Even if long ago he did the same thing.

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Perm from Raton to say Kohana was on his back.

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RE: Trick or Treat!

K o h a n a

Although Kohana was old enough to walk and do things on her own, the child much preferred to be carried. She was growing larger , everyday it seemed, and her horns - too - had also gotten larger. Since coming to the Kingdom, Kohana was much loved and loved everyone else that she came into contact - though she was partial to her Silly Man(Noam) and Herleif, who had played leaves with her.

She was clinging to his back now, getting a ride to a special place - to the Divine lands. She had been here once before with Herleif and Noam and had played with Eggs then.

-time skip-

As they arrived in the lands, Kohana was made aware of the others around and peered curiously at the pumpkins that sat on the ground spread about as if they had been placed there by someone. She felt Herleif lower himself to the ground and for a moment was overcome with a wave of shyness but hearing the male speak the child cautiously climbed down off of his back and attempted to pat him gently on the side. Her pink eyes staring up at him with the utmost trust. "Thank you Herleif. The young Koala said sweetly. She then looked around and caught sight of a pumpkin close to her and her friend and crept cautious towards it. Her walking was slowly becoming easier and she hardly wobbled from side to side as she moved. Nearing the pumpkin she sat down and began to gently run a hand over it and then drew it closer to herself, picking at the skin of the pumpkin.

(#8 please<3)

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RE: Trick or Treat!

Run boy run!
The sun will be guiding you
Run boy run!
They're dying to stop you

Alucard was originally stalking around the Library, as usual, but something interesting caught his attention. It seemed as though quite a few people were heading out to see something, and Herleif was inviting the youth to come along as well. With his curiosity piqued, he followed leisurely to take a look at the spectacle.

Arriving for the scene, he looked around expectantly. Though he didn't know exactly what they were doing, he was bored already. Was this it? Pumpkins? Were they even the decenct kind? He frowned deeply that he followed all this way to be left disappointed. He really had no interest in snacking on pumpkins, they weren't his personal favorite as little as he's had them with his family.

Alucard was just about ready to turn right around and head back to the Library, before the oddities of the pumpkins just registered. They're glowing...? That's interesting at least. Then obviously, they weren't meant for eating. Watching for a moment of what everyone else was doing, he himself decided to search one himself. No one was explaining the game, if it were a game at all. Everyone seemed to be doing their own movements towards the same goal: looking inside the pumpkins.

With a clear expression that practically said I hate it. This item harms me on a spiritual level. He forced himself to peer in one with a wrinkled nose of disgust. The meer sight of it's insides were going to make him gag, if he hadn't kept a tight hold.

Run boy run!
This race is a prophecy
Run boy run!
Break out from society


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RE: Trick or Treat!



Ana was growing up. Her thought process, however, seemed to only grow more morbid. The child, since early on, had been one to never avoid the subject of death. She was sharp and often times questioned things that other children might not. She had no fears and as she aged her lack of knowledge of emotions seemed to fade even further into the distance. She had no curiosity, she did not understand love nor hate or anger or, even jealousy. Had she been different, she might have been jealous of the child that Perses had brought in and thought that Perses was giving her more attention.

But, even if it was true - even if it wasn't.. Ana felt nothing towards it. She was, however, grateful to Perses and even bore his last name. But she was not one to dwell on things;

Does he love me?
does he care what happens to me?
why does he seem partial to Pualani?

Questions such as these never arose in her head nor did she feel bitterness in her heart.

With her Spirianima summoned, the child was headed towards the Divine lands. She had been there once before, long ago - it seemed. Sergey, was sitting on her back - his beady brown eyes staring at the path that they were on. "Where are we going now? Are we running away?" the bat asked in his usual tone of voice.

Chill would activate again for the third time, this time stronger and directed towards Sergey. A feeling of dread swamped the little bat and he shuddered. "OKay, okay! I am sorry." he muttered and shook his head from side to side.

"Not running away, we are just headed to the divine lands. I wanted to explore some more, Perses is not home and Val is probably busy with other things." Ana replied with a shrug.

As they neared the chosen destination, Ana spotted a gathering of sorts. Her ears twitched forwards and she turned towards it. She soon noticed pumpkins laying scattered here and there. "What.... is this?" she asked flatly, looking around and catching sight of some wolves, a large feline with no stripes and a set of horns on it's head, a strange creature(kohana) and some others. Her eyes narrowed but she turned from them and headed towards a pumpkin.

"Crush it!

Sergey's voice echoed in her head.

ANa raised an eye brow and stared at the orange thing. Shrugging she'd lift a paw and bring it down heavily onto the pumpkin.


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Anastasia has a body like ice due to the fact she is a user of necromancy.
Anastasia can be considered cold and rather calculating. She doesn't often refer to others as friends and has a hard time distinguishing her feelings. She has no problem with death and will often speak freely of it. Her actions/thoughts do not represent me as a person.
Anastasia has a little brown bat Spirianima. His name is Sergey (meaning Servant)


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