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Hunt [AW] {M} Ride with the moon in the dead of night
Undead Hunt!

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[AW] {M} Ride with the moon in the dead of night


This thread is marked mature for descriptions of gore, violence, and language.
Reader discretion is advised

For the Gore, feel free to skip PARAGRAPH 4 For ease, it will be marked with a (4) TL;DR: its a wild boar

Halldóra was wandering around the Divine Lands as you do. In the form of a wolf she prowled, favoring the form for it's size yet agility. Sure, she could transform into something bigger but it made her feel even closer to her mother and family as most of them were wolves. She was heading back from the Arena when she got sort of lost for no reason. She didn't take the right at that tree and instead missed it completely. Well, she could check out the Avatar Temple and see if there was anything she could find.

The false-wolf found something. It stunk, worse than decay. Against her better nature, she decieded to investigate, creeping closer through the brush.

What. The. Fuck?

(4) A wild boar but it wasn't what one would call a boar anymore. Its mouth foamed and its eyes were forever undialated. Cloudy because it no longer needed to blink. Its body was sinew and muscle but its body was marred. Chunks of flesh had been ripped from its back and ribs but it moved as if it was uninjured, paying no notice to the wounds. Black blood oozed from it but it was gelatinous and one would think its heart was no longer beating.

The shieldmaiden felt a chill up her spine. And then she moved twenty feet away from it, scrambling onto a boulder in a six foot leap. And then she howled for help. She needed help. She didn't know what she was dealing with and she was terrified.

OOC⟶ Hi! Feel free to join the hunt!
Made it M in case of swearing (go wild)
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RE: [AW] {M} Ride with the moon in the dead of night

Iris wanted to visit the Temple once again. After the quest she took part of a few seasons ago, she felt attracted to the place. The biggest of adventures she ever had came from here, and thus she wanted to come again. To perhaps explore or whatever she could find entertainment with. Her face was adorned by a soft smile and her walk was enthusiastic as always, looking around with interest. Sensate activated to allow her to have a better notice on the energy flows around her at a 10feet radio from her. But so far she didnt detect anything different from the occasional bird or any small creature.

As she walked, the breeze came through the trees and leaves, and so did against her dark coat. But soon the wind brought a fetid scent or rot. Like if a carcass was nearby. With her interest picked up by that she moved forward, following the odor but frowning her eyes as she did.

And soon she came up to find another wolf looking at a boar. Slowly she attempted to move closer, eyeing the animal the other female was looking at. But soon she noticed the reason of why such an awful smell was on the air. The boar was different from anything else she had ever seen. An undead it seemed as she could see many of its frame exposed, lacking fresh and the blood was now viscose and it smelled really bad. Looking at the fellow wolf, she asked. “What’s going on?” She attempted to connect her eyes with the other wolf.

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