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All Welcome If the damned had a roadmap



If the damned had a roadmap

Arya was making her way through this stretch of land. She decided to explore this land of bullshit as she liked to call it. Nothing made sense here and while they seemed better than the hellhole she escaped from, she couldn't be sure. She didn't trust anyone. And she kept to herself with her fighting skills. She didn't need anyone. She was fine on her own. She didn't trust any kingdoms.

And then she heard cruel laughing in her mind.

"Go forth, my minion. Maim, kill, make them remember my name. Kulla may be the the Death Bringer, but I am the master of the dead."

Pain hit her suddenly and she collapsed. For a moment, she was confused and scared. And then everything was black. The last thought that ran through her head was "You're going to be with your family". And then, Nymeria "Arya" Stark took her last breath.

The African Wild Dog rose not long after Nymeria "Arya" Stark had taken her last mortal breath before resuming life as a zombie. The zombie took a breath through lungs that no longer needed air. The zombie rose to feet that no longer reacted to stimuli in the environment the way a normal creature would. Now a shell of the former wanderer. The zombie traveled forwards in a shamble with only one thought in mind.

Kill Everything.

OOC⟶ Arya is a ZOMBIE. She will try to kill or maim your character. You can try to kill or maim her
Word Count ⟶ 202


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