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Festival [AW] Feast of the Dead

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[AW] Feast of the Dead

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The Death Bringer soared throughout the heaven's until time tallied right -- she knew exactly what the mortal’s had been up to, and the loss of many only invigorated another cycle of rebirth. Well, to an extent, of course. Spirits, for one, were an honor to conceal.

However, as for today, a festival like always was more than overdue. Appearing from the shadows in a harbour of darkness, convolution and raven feathers, Kulla’s talons therein gripped the mourning cries of a deadwood tree; its fear fed her as she ignored it nonetheless, a sense of eeriness draping over the avatar's existence like a cloak. Of course, bones would not decay as they scattered near and far, skeletal remains strewn across the barren wasteland, soiled in rot. Festering, decomposing. At the heart sat a crumbling monolith, its mausoleum of marble and stone weathered against the test of time; however, what creates the large resting place is a garish tomb of obscure stone, minced with obsidian through its cold exterior.

She eyed it meticulously, for it was hers to call home.

Kulla rather enjoyed the company of emptiness and shattered bones.

Just for a while, the raven would instil that desire of happiness and yearning to those that felt loss, or knew someone that was no longer mortal; a cornucopia wove from the dust, blankets etched to offer comfort for those that wished to attend. Sown in violet colourations, their placement resided beneath the base of the monumental tree in dreary comfort, though it's the thought that counts, right? A table crafted into the atmosphere, various meats that were both cooked and uncooked laid out for those that ate it, including plentiful fruits and vegetables. Whatever a mortal desired, it would be there. However, Kulla also invested time into weaving a special treat, adding pumpkins, apple muffins, sweetened candy, and roasted pumpkin seeds in their own set of bowls. This would be enough for now – feathers worn, smoke entwining, the Death Bringer awakened the souls of those that do not normally cross back into the mortal realm after passing. At the arms of opening, the dead would walk among them once more, just for a little while. “Creatures of Yavania,” Words strung in cold, uncanny tones, reaching into the minds of every mortal, “Come, you have guests to see and a feast to attend.” It was a gesture that rang in low hums, plating a peace offering like she'd done every year. And then, the raven would slip into the shadows, leaving for all to enjoy.

Until Oct 31st, Kulla is allowing the dead to visit the mortal realm in a ghost-like form called Spirits. They cannot interact physically with the living or use magic. Only creatures who have died in Yavania may come back as spirits. To see who those characters are, see the Births, Deaths, & Spirits page. They may post here OR make a thread elsewhere.

To participate, make a thread marked with [FotD] in one of the Divine Lands. To post a dead character (if they're account is deleted), use your Player account and say in an OC note who you are posting with (unless you have a PS of your character with their name on it). If you do not have a Player account, one will need to be made to participate.

Attending this thread will grant your character 4 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attended Feast of the Dead." Additionally, your character can also claim 4 AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attend a Festival."

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RE: [AW] Feast of the Dead

Donovan “O’Bhain” Jarl

A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor.

Jarl was very much aware of the festivities that began to parade, and he, for one, had yet to foreplay a part in anything. It wasn’t as if he cared much for haptics and politics, simply because the art of violence, respite and ruling was not a gesture he’d ever be willing to make. An ear would flick, those vivid, pumpkin eyes searching the barren’s -- soon, fog would smother the entirety of the lion’s paws. It wasn’t uncommon for a graveyard, though. However, it was then did a feast unveil itself at the epicentre of kulla’s shrine, harmonising a ballet of food and catering. What, pray tell, did they mean by guests? It was fair to assume that the lion was oblivious to the avatar’s meaning or otherwise, knowledge of what he knew covering none of what it is he witnessed. Jarl did not speak, durable rippling like duvets as his hackles bristled for compliment. Best not to waste what was surmised in offering for them, right? So alas, he would haul himself over to the mixed variation of meats, studying them meticulously before choosing a bit of rump –– it was tasty –– as expected, he thought. Daemon spooled without recognition, tremorsense never far from the man’s grasp as he bellied a small portion. Would there be others?

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RE: [AW] Feast of the Dead

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The black coated teen had no clue of a coming festivity during the middle of the summer season. Again.

Alucard was preoccupied looking for something to fill his rising boredom. Everything looked and felt exactly the same as the day before, even for how loose the daily schedule he had never received in Verja was. The waves rolled and crashed as normal in Palm Peninsula, the sand just as dry and yielding as always, and the insentient beach birds refused to shut their squawking as per usual. Cherry Blossom Grove was peaceful, fresh fruit and green grass as far as the eye could see. That was about all over there, never much to report. Alucard knew that the territory must have stretched farther East, but he never went down to check it out. He should, eventually. It could cure his already whirring mind from the unsettlingly peaceful silence in everything.

He had been resting up in the shade of the Library, tired from the hot sun beaming down on pitch black fur. It was then that he had heard the strange call for 'Creatures of Yavania'. Startling him, he looked around for any sign of an annoying prankster using Psychic powers on him. Seeing no one in his brief search, he could only conclude it might have been a creature that wasn't even near. Eidetic Memory allowed him to remember that the power Telepathy only worked if the user was looking straight at the target, and Alucard found no hiding spots where the the perpetrator could be stalking him.

Deciding on the best course of action, he headed out. After all, it didn't sound like he had a choice in the matter. It did not seem like a humble request from the hostess, but a beckoning to all creatures of the general area to come join. He wasn't intimidated, very little could ever make him feel a strong emotion of that. He was driven by curiosity and the need to sate his bland surroundings. Plus, he wanted to know who was the one that had magic powerful enough to make such a call. And what was causing the draw towards the location.


Jogging the same direction as he did before to the pumpkins, he would eventually make it to the graveyard after some searching of several adjacent lands. Travel was risky, but he was never one to shy away from the dangers. However, he sincerely hoped he would no cedar tabby fur and milky white alone enroute to this place.

The scent of death blanketed the air in a vice grip, causing him to wrinkle his nose at the strange sensation in his stomach. I can't tell if I'm disgusted or hungry. Disgusted, probably. Who wants something that's been dead for who knows how long? Fog strewn itself through the atmosphere, cutting his vision short and forcing him to take ginger steps as he walked. Careful not to stumble on something dangerous.

It took a while, but he eventually came across blankets, food, and one other person. Struggling to scent the male lion properly, he slowly came to guess he might've been of the kingdom. He smelled similar to Herlief minus the individual signature. "Am I late or early to the party?" He would ask, with a puckish tone and a tilted head. Attentively walking towards the stranger and attempting to stop a respectful distance of 8 feet away.

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