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[M] When the world becomes a fantasy and you're more than you can ever be

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Felines 39 38 03 80
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All Welcome The Book of Armaments

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The Book of Armaments

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Perses Stormbringer ❊
The North Remembers

Perses wandered a bit further today after he patrolled the Legion. In his mind he was still struggling with what was going on. He felt like a faliure. A faliure of a leader and a faliure of a father but he didn't know how to fix this. He wanted to take Pualani and Anastasia but he didn't want to teach his daughter the wrong thing. He had devoted himself to the Legion but had he devoted himself well enough to his family?

The King in the North padded through the beautiful trees. The male activated Shift and transformed into his favored African Wild Dog form. A tall, bunky male by African Wild Dog standards, three quarters of his original height. Albinism had taken over his body, creating a canvas of normal African Wild Dog black and bleached white. His eyes were red.

He threw himself into work, he put everything he had into the Legion. But he tried so hard and got so far.

In the end, did it even matter?

The crimson-eyed King tried everything to resurrect the Legion. But the Legion had crumbled. It had fallen in a year. He tried his best.

The beast continued his walk before he stopped under a tree.

Word Count⟶ 200+
Psychic: 0/9 | Earth: 0/11 | Water: 0/8 | Electricity: 0/8
Companion: 0/1 | Shift: 0/1 | Camouflage: 0/1 | Chameleon: 0/1 | Telekinesis: 0/1 | Telekinetic: ∞ (0/1) | Dart: 0/2 | Messenger: 0/1
Lucky: ∞ | Eidetic Memory: ∞ | Investigator: ∞ | Persuasive:
stock by Sas R. & Elli S.

Perses wears a black leather collar with a raven pendant

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