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All Welcome [M] I am the one with a tear-away face



[M] I am the one with a tear-away face

Alexander was getting old and he could feel it in his bones. He was a large lion though the life of a Rogue hadn't been kind since he has left the Kingdom lands. A large lion, he had very little success with hunting though the man was an excellent scavenger. Though he still wasn't quite as filled-out as he would have been with a steady diet, the work he had put in to scavenging and other such shown in his musculature.

Alexander had been wandering around, searching for a meal he could scavenge or steal. This was where he was when it happened.

"Go forth, my minion. Maim, kill, make them remember my name. Kulla may be the the Death Bringer, but I am the master of the dead."

A pain started in his head before it felt like his veins were on fire. He clawed at his head in anguish as a roar of pain echoed through him. In his pain, a claw ripped across his right eye on his right paw's way down his face. But the pain made little difference from the pain echoing through his body. His other paw ripped through his ear.

The last thought was, 'Will anyone remember me?' as the beast fell to the ground, almost lifeless as his heart stopped.

After a minute, the corpse rose shakily. The once-lion's face was marred with a scar down the right side of the beast's face, clawmarks blinding the right eye of the dead man. The left side of the former-man's face was marred with a scar down the male's ears, turning the ear into just a bloody hole with crimson flowing into the lion's ear and making the zombie almost deaf in one ear.

A hunger clawed the Zombie's stomach. Hunger not for corpses but for the living.



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