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All Welcome A Casual Transition

Verja King
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A Casual Transition

Xewk and Leif were walking towards the borders of the grove for their usual border patrol. The cougar’s mind had been deep in thought the past few weeks. Mulling over some thoughts inside his mind.

After Hallvarðr had become King of Algiz, Xewk had wondered when it would be best to hand the title of King of Verja down to Leif. How should he go about it? What would be an appropriate transition? Xewk himself was not for grandeur spectacles, nor really for the social properness of things. He did what he did because he had to; and he did so with the least amount of bias he could. Some may view his logical actions as cold, or rude, perhaps even entitled. But ultimately Xewk viewed the position of King as one of service to the people, not of entitlement to himself.

Though a born prince from a far off land, Xewk himself had no goals of being King — Ever. Certainly not King of the old land he lived in. Originally taking up the mantle of King of the Verja at Frigga’s request several years ago, to be both the kingdom’s and her rock after the loss of Aurelius. Xewk felt as if he did a well enough job. He personally craved no immortal status upon the throne. No— stagnation was the opposite of progress.

His son showed promise as king — a kind, nurturing, thoughtful nature, quite like Frigga. Leif had adopted his father’s casual behaviors though. It had not gone past Xewk’s eyes that his son had doubts, worries about the position he would inherit. But, Xewk was sure that Leif’s self-doubt would resolve itself.

The Verja was due a new King, and there was no better time than the present.

Stopping in his tracks Xewk said abruptly. ”Then it’s decided.”

Leif had been walking alongside his father when his sudden words caused Leif to stop walking. ”What? What has been decided?” Confusion was clear on his face.

Xewk gave a small smile to his son, who was clearly confused. ”I am retiring my crown today. As of this moment I am now just Xewk Lanġas, Duke of the Verja. You on the other hand son, can complete this border patrol on your own — Leif Fritjov-Lanġas, King of the Verja.” Giving a small bow towards his son he smiled brighter. Warm tones left his lips as he spoke in his native tongue, ”Nemmen bis-sħiħ fik. Fidu lilek innifsek.”

With that said he gave his son one last look. ”I will see you back at home then. Call for me if you need me.” Turning around Xewk began heading back home. Reaching out to Frigga via their Link Xewk relayed the new transition to his mate. ”I just handed the throne to Leif. I am sure he will make a great king. As for me, I am headed home to you. Perhaps we can participate in some homely activities and snuggle.” Xewk was already enjoying the idea of a bit more free time to spend with the love of his life.

-Xewk Exits-

Leif on the other stared wide eyed at his father as he spoke. Xewk’s words taking a moment or so to actually register its weight in Leif’s head.

He was now King…

Feeling happy at his father’s Maltese spoken words, Leif felt a bit more confident. If his father believed in him, then Leif should believe more in himself. Giving a beaming smile, the only words he needed to say was the following, ”Thanks dad." Watching as his father turned around to head back home, Leif couldn’t help but laugh a bit. The whole transition from King to New King had been so simple, so casual, so quick. Just like that, it was over, the Verja had a new King.

He only hoped he could do the position justice.

With that he slowly kept walking towards the borders, excitement and nervousness both equally fluttering softly in his chest.


Verja Baroness
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RE: A Casual Transition

Frigga Dame-Fritjov

I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.

Gliding on thermals in the air as a sandhill crane (via shift), Frigga was surprised when Xewk's declaration entered her mind. This moment had been a long time coming, so she wasn't upset, however. Smiling, she used link to reply. Retiring already, old man? she teased. I'll meet you at home. I'm going to congratulate our son and join you in retirement.

She was ready to let the younger generation lead once more. Her position as Queen was never meant to be permanent, but after Aurelius had died (killed himself), she'd been afraid to step down. Afraid to let the pressure of the crown take down another family member -- and in doing so, she'd neglected herself a little. Which was fine. She'd been raised to expect herself to sacrifice for her citizens.

Finally spotting Leif, she angled her wings and came to land roughly in front of him. "Hello, sonr. I just heard the good news." She stepped forward, attempting to nuzzle him affectionately. "I've come to join your father, if you'll have me as your Baroness, that is, and if you'll indulge an old woman's suggestion -- your littermate would make a good heir." Jorunn just needed a little confidence boost, and working with her brother to help the Kingdom would give her that.


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