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All Welcome There is no home like the one you've got, 'cause that home belongs to you

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There is no home like the one you've got, 'cause that home belongs to you

Anubia was on some degree amazed when she noticed the signs of pregnancy on herself. First it was the morning sickness and throwing up whenever she ate something raw. So lately she had been going to the kitchens to fetch cooked meat for herself. And then she had noticed the rounding of her stomach. As a healer, she knew what was happening. She was pregnant.

Now she wandered among the houses, looking for one to call home. All she had was her satchel right now. Which was all she needed. She padded through the houses until she came across one she felt would be good. First of all, it was unoccupied. She had sniffed around it to make sure. And it seemed small enough for a jackal such as herself to not feel too empty. She was unsure of how many pups she would have. But she didn't think she would have too many. Anubia had been an only child herself.

Now she had picked a home, she padded in and set her satchel down. It was a fifteen by fifteen foot home with two windows and a two floors connected by ramps and the second floor with a balcony. She would need to make or find something to put herbs in. And then find some bedding.

Maybe she should have the sleeping room on the top and leave her herbs downstairs. But what if the pups fell off the balcony? She could try to block it off. And how would she keep the herbs away from them?

The jackal stood their contemplating what to do to pup-proof this place.

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Word Count ⟶ 200+
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