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All Welcome Tiger on a roll

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Tiger on a roll

Pandemonium is my middle name.

Arleigh felt the crunching of snow beneath her paws. She was slowly making her way home. She hadn't been there in awhile and all traces of Vipera weren't in her scent. Man they were going to be so mad but she had to learn how to fly completely before she went back. Plus she was exploring everything she could. There was so much in these lands that she wasn't sure what to look at first. She didn't have her wings out for once. She looked just as she did the day she walked into these lands. Albeit a little older but definitely not more wiser.

She looked around before she sat in the snow. Her black paw pushed the snow into a few mounds smiling as she realized it melded together quite nicely. She kept pushing more into it, revealing the grass underneath as the small mound grew in size. Now what could she do with this? Ignite was used on it but since it was snow it did nothing. She stopped pushing more snow onto the pile when all the snow closest to her was gone. She frowned before standing to gather more snow onto her pile.
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Arleigh is rated M for her thoughts and actions. She in no way has anything to do with my views. She's just... Arleigh.
She also has a black fire opal necklace. It looks like this,


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RE: Tiger on a roll

(This post was last modified: 01-10-2021, 10:32 PM by Adrian.)

Winter was something that down south wasn't that outstanding nor intense. Specially on his home, snow could never fall, nor did it felt cold. But as far as one could tell, for the king it didn't mattered. He was fine with the climate he lived in, and besides he could ever visit the lands that did had winter in the full meaning of the word. And here he was, allowing his large paws to make him feel the cold frozen water. The sensation was pleasant and something he could say he enjoyed. Of course he wouldn't show that openly, just keeping it within his heart.

The male of course patrolled his borders and did many more stuff. With that done for now he went north, near the kingdom his friend Fafner had told him about a long ago. Beside his family, he became his only friend the only one he could see as one and not a mere peasant as he often though of others. He saved him of that curse he had a few seasons ago.

He explored and explored until he felt done. And upon ending he spotted someone at the distance but as he didn't have a necessity to interact today he just left. Walking away with his skin cold as the death, one that upon touch could perhaps give some Chill. And like that he aimed to get going, not minding the stranger.

Attempted Exit----

text. "I am the king."

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Adrian has a mark on his left shoulder gifted by Defros(See above)

Adrian can be rude and violent due. His thoughts and speech doesn't reflect his roleplayer's

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RE: Tiger on a roll

(This post was last modified: 01-12-2021, 06:52 PM by Carina. Edited 1 time in total.)

Carina felt inclined to tred elsewhere after engaging in the simplicity of duties and responsibilities, figuring Draconis might invest time to do the same, if necessary. When was it not? She didn’t delve in the frantics of babysitting, of course, and didn’t plan on understanding it anytime soon -- unlike mother, the queen cared little for blossoming a new rose in the Malfoy lineage. Well, not yet. Grey-blue eyes studied the aspects of a garden and its jacaranda ascendants, attention soon turning to accommodate a familiar face from the arms of Vipera. It came without a name, however. She’d feel more inclined to address such circumstances if their investments coloured importance -- but apparently, such was not the case -- a shame, perhaps. “Greetings,” The queen articulated in a stern, yet delicate tone, not wagering against the idea that they, by any means, would ignore Carina’s crowning voice. Yes, it might’ve been harsh for her to think so, however mother’s embedment of royalty never left its diamond throne. An ear would flick, therein turning to face the tiger head-on in a robe of ivory grace as her paws crunched the blanket of snow below, “Why so far from home?” It was a genuine question, though not one to be abdicated; she was a blueblood, fiery and proper like that of Lucious and Narcissa combined. A brow came up, proud and impressionable as she awaited their reply –– like always, she coated an aroma of power, influence and prestige. It was a promise the porcelain needn’t disown or abandon, because that, for one, was a pitiful act of cowardice and treason to the Malfoy house. She’d seen many fall victim to it, and Vipera would never be one of them.

‘Rina took no notice to the man that lingered and left.

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