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All Welcome What is this?

© Lizzy
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What is this?

Vladimir Medvedka

Mess with my family, you'll be in the ground before you can say 'oops'
The smug smile stayed on his face. He had a feeling it was there to stay. Eda was his and no one else was going to take her from him. He was content. He let out a roar for Eda to meet him here as well as anyone else who was near. It was time they found friends. At least females that were friends. Males could keep walking. Not this his roar made it specific to females.

As he walked he saw a glimmer of a feather and move closer. It was a round leather bracelet with three feathers on it. A hawk, raven and eagle feather he recognized on it. Lifting his gaze he slipped it on the end of his tail and used his teeth to tighten it. Just enough to not be too tight but enough that it wouldn't come off easily or without force.

As he walked with his new tail jewel the sun had set and the sand slowly started coming alive with his steps. He frowned as blue showed up out of nowhere. He'd never seen anything like it before. He snarled out a growl as he stepped and slashed his paw and more blue showed up. What the hell was this stuff and why was it mocking him by making more blue stuff where he walked?

Translations: 1.
Clergic 0/2 - Necromancy 0/2 - Psychic 0/2 - Plant 0/2
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Vlad is rated M for his foul language and swearing.


© Lightwood
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RE: What is this?

Edalyn Thorne

Don't talk shit if you can't back it up

Was she now just some dog to be called upon whenever Vladimir wished? With Owlbert, her companion, flying a little ways above her head she neared the call. Eda didn't really say much about the tail bling. All she did was raise a brow and snort. She had questioned the bird for a while. But there wasn't much information to get. The owl didn't know where he came from or what his life was before Eda. The leopard was all he knew. Like, weirdly, Edalyn, herself, has somehow created the bird. It was a possibility, but she decided it didn't matter. Owlbert was with her constantly and he was like a little pet-child.

Edalyn stopped to peek at the luminous water. Little Owlbert landing silently on her head, tilting his head curiously. "Having fun?"

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Edalyn is rated [M] for her foul language

Due to pheremones, she will always smell like a blend of ginger and rose

She has a companion, a barn owl, named Owlbert. They share a telepathic link, thus no one but Eda can hear him


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