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Private [Bellamy] The world does wonders

© Lizzy
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[Bellamy] The world does wonders

Bellona Rose

Oh so you think you're cute? Funny tell another joke.
M: For language
Snow, snow and more fucking snow. It was everywhere. She was good with it about 3 weeks ago but it just continued to fall. It pleated the ground in white, wet, icy terf. Honestly she was only a fan when it first started falling. Anything after that was just annoying. Plus it clumped up her long fur. It wasn't the cold that bothered her, no it was the ice that clung to her and ruined her perfect fur. She walked a bit quicker not realizing that momentum kicked in making her walk faster.

Geyser erupted about 2 feet from her but went straight into the sky. She narrowd her eyes at the damn water spout. When it first hit her in the face it didn't do much but that looked like it could knock her over. Honestly that would just make her even more mad because then she would be cold and wet. Yea she wouldn't be having that face her anytime soon. Once she was away from the geyser she slowed down before taking a drink of water from the stream. She had to break the ice in a few places but once she did she got ice cold water.

text. "speech." thoughts
Water: 0/5 - Kinetic 0/6

Bellona is Rated M due to her swearing.


© Akradr
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RE: [Bellamy] The world does wonders

  Bellamy Bhavik

So say your goodbyes, because the world won’t survive.

Bellamy Bhavik never liked a lack of playtime.

Why, she may be considered powerful from the ravenous gloats of witchery and fun, but that’s because she sought no other reason to think she wasn’t a decree from the gates of helheim. A credible beast made of guts and glory. The wolf had all the time in the world, of course -- ghoulish and plagued by sickly intentions, a feverish cackle bore from its chambers in a garnished manner. It chimed like shattering glass and worn-out church bells, liberating the hemlock and spruce that became divided by a river, witling away as the salmon’s dared not leap, yet. Oh, the games she played were far from humane, yet she intended to keep it that way for the sake of getting exactly what she wanted. Magic slued like it’d always done, glow therein pulsating without rhythm or rhyme; it was snow that came and bedded the earth, its continuation of no concern to this brutish barracks of bloodlust and iron. A brow came up in a fiery fallow of festivities, eyes of gored velvet slaving against the coronation of wintry wisps that did not fail to shower its uncouth kiss against Bhavik’s blackened robe. Sunlight, even, tried to smother the air in a battle for warmth, but to no avail. Diligent settled against the skin, stalking for something, anything, to make this day a little more poetic. This is how she would rise, no matter what. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t without the hand of a god, or perhaps the man downstairs –– really, the woman quite enjoyed toying with the inevitable –– successful so far, denial and failure would not be battered. Those, by all means, fell far beneath her subconscious. As a breath of wintry smoke sailed from Bhavik’s lips, it became ghosted in temptatious realisation. A smile crooked like sliced flesh, twisted and devilish in the wake of absolute infestation; there stood an ivory doll, flavoured by a set of horns and eyes much like her own.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

It wasn’t often that she’d stumble upon a tasteful tease, “かわいらしいですね?” The horned demon spoke a maul of japanese words in famished intrigue as that singular wing fled out in a girth most unnatural -- coming from the rear, she paused. Orbs of bleeding wine dared to pierce their very soul, hackles taking conquest as her head geared low. Taking a step forward, those over-extended canines became slathered by molds of saliva and ghastly hisses, finding no reason to doubt what could possibly become of this. There was never a need to, really.

Bhavik did not care for what they may say or do –– their fear, or backbone, is what fed her to do as she pleased, unfazed by its plausible consequences.

Translation: かわいらしいですね? | Pretty, aren’t you?

Savant 0/5 | Electricity 0/2 | Light 0/2 | Metal 0/2.
Untraceable 0/1 | Charm 0/1 | Diligent ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

the-night-bird & Bine G.

Wears an upside-down cross necklace w/ metal and a septum piercing w/ light.


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