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All Welcome An attempt to be Civil

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An attempt to be Civil

(This post was last modified: 01-11-2021, 10:24 PM by Demetrius. Edited 2 times in total.)

<"Dear Demi! What do you think of this beautiful place!> Lucia's voice, Demi's Companion who had gone ahead of him and scrambled up a tree, entered into his head.

To her words, Demi smiled a bit <"It is beautiful my friend."> he answered her as he trailed along behind in a slower manner. His eyes moved along the area, taking in everything around him. It truly was a sight to behold. It was much like the garden back at his home , beautiful, peaceful, serene.. Silently, the snow leopard moved to sit at the base of the tree that Lucia had scrambled up.

<' Demi, why don't you go out and meet others? I am sure you will make friends easily enough.. '>

< "Ah! Does my friend tire of me and wish for me to be gone?'> he teased her.

< That is not it at all! I only wish for you to have friends, you did not have any back home and your nurse would love for you to have a friend or two.. You know she would and she told me to look out for you and all we have done is sit around and do nothing..>

Demi's ears twitched in amusement <"Ah! but we have not done nothing, we have done plenty since arriving.. We were adopted and brought here, we went through that maze, we even went to a gathering where there were boxes to open.. You call that nothing my friend? > he said aloud, eyes sparking playfully "I am use to my time alone, I have you .. Do I really need someone else?" he asked in English, dropping the Greek as he spoke.. He preferred his native tongue but would swap back and forth as if it were something that was easily done and could be turned on and off like a light. The male had had no problem picking up languages as a young kid and rather enjoyed speaking them.. Greek and Thai were always fun to use, but English was handy - as it seemed many knew it and far less knew Greek or Thai.

<"but, but.. Demi! Wouldn't it be nice to have someone your age and your size that you could talk to.. or learn from or.. > she started but catching Demi's gaze she stopped and scuttled down the trunk to stand at his feet <"For Nanny, please make some friends.">

The snow leopard sighed and shrugged < If it will please you, Lucia. > he said in Greek, his eyes softening as he stared down at her.

Actions | "Speech" | Element & Power

Anything between <> is spoken in Greek.
anything that is in italics is spoken just between Demi and Lucia. Just plain text is spoken aloud.

Demi has a chipmunk companion named Lucia ( pronounced Lu-sha )
Demi speaks Greek, Thai and English, often times he will mix Greek with English.
Demi wears this bracelet that grants him Savent.


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