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Private [Ruslana] An Adventure

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[Ruslana] An Adventure

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Devon Orielonas

"A hop, a skip and a jump. Home is never far."

"Ma! Im going out! Probs gonna see if Athos passed out in the kitchen again!" He called out to Katarina as he left the house. That is until he saw Athos passed out leaning against a palm tree near the house and he smirked. Least he knew where the gorilla was now, but he still wanted to go to the kitchens. He was a bit hungry. The mid-morning sun beat down on his fur as he made his trek towards the Grove. For winter it didn't feel very wintery.

-time skip-

He was panting by the time he got to the grove. And now his hunger was making his stomach rumble. Honestly he had a one track mind when it came to him and food. His two tails swished behind him as he hummed a small drinking song unconsciously. It was most likely a song he learned from Athos when the gorilla got drinking. He saw the entrance to the Kitchen and made his way down.

"99 bottle of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer.." he hummed as he grabbed a piece of cooked meat and moved it off to the side before he started eating it. He still hummed and mumbled the song with food in his mouth. Honestly shame was not in his vocabulary.

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