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All Welcome I'll just play pretend

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I'll just play pretend

Sula Dame


Sula much prefered to be on her own... It was something that she found comforting, to be alone meant that she wouldn't have to hear nor see anyone that spoke harshly. She could play pretend that she was alone in the world and comfort her heart that way. She wanted to travel away from the beach for a while, away from home for a while and see where her paws would take her.. Obviously, the young teen would stick to those lands that were of the Kingdom - knowing full well that she should never leave the Kingdom lands without an adult and who would she bother to take her out?

She knew she had no friends and she cared not about it, she wouldn't dare assume that someone was her friend. She had no use for friends, she only wanted to practice her magic - her known magic that is and master it.

As she plodded along in silence the young girl would activate Glow for the very first time and unbeknownst to her she began to glow.. Her pink eyes scanned the area around -taking in everything around her. It was refreshing to be somewhere new and different. She wasn't yet up high in the mountains but she could hear a waterfall roaring and that gurgling of water as the water poured down into it from above.. The sound grasped hold of the girl's attention and she soon found herself at the pool where the water was pouring into it. Tilting her head up she gazed at the waterfall and then looked down at the pool.. It was beautiful, charming.. Soothing. The sound was deafening in a way but it was comforting too. Moving closer to the water she would lay down on her stomach by the edge and dip her muzzle into the water, drinking deeply from the pool. After a good long drink she pulled her muzzle back and rested it onto her paws, staring at her reflection.

text. "speech."


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