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All Welcome Learning something new

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Learning something new

(This post was last modified: 01-14-2021, 12:41 AM by Hibiki. Edited 1 time in total.)


< I want to try something different today, Ito..>

Hibiki said to her Companion as she walked along the shores, Ito flying to the right of her. < And what is that my child? > Ito asked in her soft, bell-like tones.

<"We are going to the library to learn something new.. I am getting nowhere in life and feel stuck.. I do not want to be forever useless to those around me - Momma Fuli, my mother, you and .... > she stopped and shook her head slightly she answered Ito..

Ito, however remained quiet. No matter how many times she told HIbiki she wasn't, the young woman just couldn't get it out of her head that she was a mistake, something useless and nothing but a bother.

Together the two traveled to the library, entering into it - Ito made a happy twittering noise. < "My, my how amazing all of this is.> Ito spoke into HIbiki's mind.

Hibiki tilted her head < "help me find the language book Ito, guide me to it.. >

Ito twittered in agreement < I will go and find it first and then call for you.> Ito told the young female. Hibiki nodded and sat down to wait for her friend. She could hear the sound thanks to Digilgence. Around and around Ito went until she found what she was looking for, twittering for Hibiki - the young female stood and began to follow the sound until she was once more near Ito.

Hibiki told her friend and placing her paws on the book she tilted her head

Ito made a noise in agreement as she watched Hibiki's movements and once it was to the correct page, Ito made another noise.

Touching her paw to the English part of the book, the book began to recite a few phrases;

..... Goodbye
.........My name is...
................ Good morning...
.......................... Goodnight...

It truly was intriguing.. The book spoke to her. Removing her paw she couldn't help but smile. She didn't need eyes to see to read, she could learn herself. Her heart swelled for once, a joyful feeling filled her heart. She could surprise the others after all.

"Hello... Go...goodbye... she repeated the words she had heard. Her accent heavy and showing that she was new at the language. It would be a struggle and a long road to actually knowing the language but if she pushed forwards she could learn it and show Momma Fuli, her mother, Alucard... Alucard? Why did she care what the male thought? Could she consider him a friend? Perhaps..? Would he consider her a friend in return..?

text. "speech."


all text between <> is in japanese
all text in italics are spoken between just Ito and Hibiki and cannot be heard by others.

Hibiki can speak Japanese and English. She has a heavy thick accent when she speaks in English.
-Hibiki is of diminutive size only weigh 77lbs and reaching 28inches at the shoulder when fully grown. She is also extremely frail and cannot run or jump around much due to asthma.
- Hibiki has a Lilac Breasted Roller companion named Ito. (Ito means Thread in Japanese)
-Hibiki wears this necklace. It is infused with Plant magic


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