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All Welcome You will see me thirve
Flight Training

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Heart  You will see me thirve

'Cause I like high chances that I might lose
I like it all on the edge just like you
I like tall buildings so I can leap off of 'em

Fraya decided she would try to fly. She wondered how her mother learned to fly but she guessed she would learn how to herself. She activated Shift to transform into a Secretary Bird. She took a moment to adjust to two legs and flapped her wings to get a feeling for it. She hopped onto a rock and looked around. She didn't need help, did she? No, she absolutely did not. It wouldn't be that difficult, would it? She just had to flap her wings really hard and she'd get flight, right? That should work.

Wait, why was she trying this? She wasn't great at even walking? A gust almost made her fall off of the rock! She hopped off and then looked around. What was she supposed to do? She paced back and forth and then tried flapping her wings again. Was she doing this right? What was she doing?

Word Count⟶ 200+

Metal: 0/5 | Plant: 0/2 | Electricity: 0/5
Companion: 1/1 | Shift:0/1 | Dart: 0/1 | Darkvision: 0/1 | Lucky: ∞ | Durable: ∞ | Agile:
Stock by lightningspamstock@DA | Stock by Petra128@DA | Texture from Pixabay | Table by Silverfrost

Fraya wears a ring with the element Lightning.


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RE: You will see me thirve

Of course, going forth and doing what Lucia had demanded of him was easier said then done. Demi was the type to stay back and watch rather then join in on things - he wasn't the type to care whether or not he had friends as he firmly believed that Lucia was enough as a friend of him. But.. instead of listening to her babbling about him needing to get out and meet others, Demi decided it was best to at least try...

He had recently been to the library and had met a young, rather small, blind wolf. She was older then him - not by much but she looked younger due to her size and acted younger then him. She was a shy creature and searching to learn a new language.. Now, Demi was walking around the beach - his paws sinking into the sand. His Companion was ridding on his back , staring in the direction of the water.

< Lucia, do you think that that girl will meet again or will avoid? She didn't seem keen on making friends or being around anyone.> Demi asked his companion. He was curious for the girl's mannerisms seemed to scream 'GO AWAY', 'Leave me alone'.

< Perhaps.. but you will avoid it too so don't pretend you wouldn't > Lucia said with a twitch of her tail and climbed up onto Demi's head as she turned her eyes away from the water to look around the beach and that was when she caught sight of something interesting.... A wild dog SHIFTING into a bird. <"Demi... I think I might be losing my mind..> Lucia said sitting up on her haunches and rubbed at her eyes and blinked several times..

Demi paused and frowned at Lucia's words he asked the chipmunk, tiling his head slightly - being careful not to dislodge his friend.

<"that... Wild dog.. I mean bird.. I mean that wild dog over there turned into a bird..>. Lucia said tapping his head and pointing in the direction of the secretary bird. Demi stared at the bird for a moment, there didn't seem to be anything unusual about it... He watched as it hopped onto the rock , look around and then almost get dislodged by a gust of wind and then jump back down. What... exactly was it doing?

<"Demi, that bird looks crazy.. Shall we go the other way?>

Demi shook his head he said and started forwards towards the bird. He would close the distance and attempt to stop at least 9feet away from the bird.

"Hello.. he greeted with a dip of his head.

Actions | "Speech" | Element & Power

All text that is spoken in Italics is spoken between just Lucia and Demi
All text between <> is spoken in Greek.♥


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