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All Welcome Fawn & Failure

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Fawn & Failure

A weltering blizzard of ice and snow warfed into whitebark woods, its raging intervention seizing the stills of shrubberies alike. Cyfton scowled in contempt, as almighty as he was, with eyes of hard cereluean scrutinizing the very land he stood upon. “Members of the Legion,” His voice bellowed in a whirl of superiority, “Your Queen disappeared long ago and has failed in her duties to lead; do not be like her.” There would be no second chances here, and as winter glazed amidst the atmosphere of wintry wails, the polar bear’s intentions to set this stone in place a common courtesy for all. So, in magic and godly authority, Cyfton removed them altogether. A rumble thundered from the avatar’s chest, particles of snow dancing in unison before he disappeared once more; discussions were in order, and he cared not for them.

Kallisto has been removed from leadership!


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RE: Fawn & Failure

Perses Stormbringer ❊
The North Remembers

Perses recognized the voice even though he did not recall the name. He figured it was an Avatar and his blood chilled as he heard the words.

Kallisto had failed.

Perses was the only leader left standing. Before he could make a conscious effort, his paws carried him to the place and he caught a glimpse of a white bear that disappeared. Perses stopped in place and he spoke.

"I will step up as King of the Legion," he said with as much authority as he could muster. His mind drifted towards disbanding the Legion entirely at this moment. But the snow under his paws made him reconsider. It was winter and he wouldn't want to send whatever was left of the Legion to the wilds during a hard time. So, the beast resolved to disband the Legion in the spring.

He would remain King in the North until spring. And then he would go through with disbanding the Legion. He remembered the meeting with the Council leaders. And them needing to figure out if they would accept him. But, he had made it clear that all that mattered was keeping the Legion and his family safe. And if he had to wander these lands as a Rogue, he would.

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RE: Fawn & Failure



Members of the Legion,” A voice bellowed in a whirl of superiority, “Your Queen disappeared long ago and has failed in her duties to lead; do not be like her.”

Ana's ears twitched at these words.. Kallisto wasn't queen anymore? What about the Legion, would it fall? Was the voice referring to Queen Akeela or Queen Kallisto when it said do not be like her? Ana, with her spirianima on her back headed in the direction where the booming voice had come from and quickly caught scent of her father..

As she neared she heard him speak aloud that he would step up as King. Slowly she approached the male from behind, silently placing her paws into the snow. She would attempt to stop a few feet away from him and turn her blue eyes onto him "Father..." she greeted him.

"I heard the voice, what does that mean for the Legion?" she asked him as she sat down, Sergey peering curiously over her head at the wolf before them.. For once he was quiet, for once he held his tongue. Sure, the bat was rather loud mouthed and rude but he was friends with Ana and he rather enjoyed their banter back and forth. He was smart enough to realize when things were a bit rough and right now that seemed to be this time..

Ana shifted her position and wrapped her tail over her paws. " will you continue to lead it?" she asked him.. If it fell, what did that mean for them? Would he still want her as a child or would he not care since she was an adult?

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Anastasia can be considered cold and rather calculating. She doesn't often refer to others as friends and has a hard time distinguishing her feelings. She has no problem with death and will often speak freely of it. Her actions/thoughts do not represent me as a person.
Anastasia has a body like ice due to the fact she is a user of necromancy.
Ana wears this necklace, it harbors Water element.♥
Anastasia has a little brown bat Spirianima. His name is Sergey (meaning Servant)


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