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All Welcome Two Peas In A Pod

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Two Peas In A Pod

Syuna was tasked with a delivery today. She was always pleased with helping families grow. Every child delivered was perfection. So she carefully crafted the pair of children she would deliver and headed on her way to the mortal realm. It warmed her heart to see a home add more children to their numbers. This realm was not as active in producing children, but that did not make their members less worthwhile for delivering. Still, it was always a joy helping new families grow. This time was no different.

The Avatar appeared in a blinding flash of light before the male lion. With her, two bundles of love. A tiger and lion cub, each crafted with a tender paw. "Hades Grimm, Canute Shae-Dame," she called, voice ringing clear and true. "Come meet your two little ones." Placing the children down, she ushered the the cubs forward, away from her warmth, and then vanished with a kind smile.

She walks. | "She talks."


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RE: Two Peas In A Pod

Crap. Crap. Crap!

He was just moving his own business when a giant lioness appeared with two kids. The woman claims they were his and 'nute's, but that couldn't be right. They only did it once. But Canute did say Syuna liked to 'troll' his family.

The monarch blinked once the lioness disappeared, leaving him with the cubs. Hades neared the two babes with a gentle smile. Yes, he was anxious because of his past with kids, but hopefully it'd be better this time 'round.

"Ah, children..i'm one of your dads." Hades raised his head to call for his betrothed. Looks like they were, indeed, trolled. Hades refused to name them, maybe it was bad luck? After all, he helped name the first kids and looked what happened. He'd rather Canute handle that.

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RE: Two Peas In A Pod

Canute Shae-Dame

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Canute wasn't ready.

[Was anyone ever ready to be a father?]

Why the fuck had he risked Avatar Syuna's wrath by having sex with Hades? His mama always used to say, "The only Avatar who loves to curse the Dames more than Defros is Syuna." Of course, she meant it in a teasing, loving manner because Regalia Dame adored all of her kids. Canute was feeling it in the literal sense. He'd been cursed to fatherhood. Okay, okay. Maybe it wasn't going to be all bad. He didn't hate kids.

Maybe he could do this.

Following the pull of Avatar Syuna's voice, he crept forward slowly when he laid eyes on the cubs near Hades. Oh, lord, they're cute. And they're not infants. Guess that makes sense. No milk.

"Hey, Hades. Who do we have here?" Was he asking Hades or asking the babes? Probably Hades. The babes couldn't talk yet, could they? "I'm your Papa." That was definitely to the kids.

"Canute Speaks."


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