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All Welcome Calm and Peaceful

Verja King
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RE: Calm and Peaceful

Leif listened carefully to Perses talk about… well about some sort of weird aquatic creature. A leopard seal who went by the name of Aquarius Bluetide. The AWD male would have to keep his eyes out for such a creature with that name. It was after her description that Perses offered to use magic upon Leif. His first internal thought was ”please do not invade my head.” However he was King now, and as King one would have to do stuff for the greater good, and not for self purpose. ”Sure, go ahead.” And in any moment, Leif would be prepared to.. he guess get an image sent to his head.

Then Perses asked him a question. One that caused Leif to become suspicious. Though he refrained from showing any such emotion on his face. Instead upon his face was a polite smile. He couldn’t help but wonder why Perses was asking such a question. So he merely had to ask. ”And what would be your purpose for asking such a question?” Was he just curious? Did he want to talk about the Kingdom more? It was a suspicious question to ask someone you just met.


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RE: Calm and Peaceful

Perses Stormbringer ❊
The North Remembers

With Leif's blessing, Perses attempted to activate Projection on the man. He would show his memory of coming across the behemoth creature from his point of view. Just an image of the woman would suffice and he attempted to show just that.

And then Leif responded. It wasn't an answer but another question. Perses wasn't sure what to say. He was just curious because he didn't know who Leif was. He recalled some other Kingdom and council members he recognized or believed to be Council based on their presence at the meeting from earlier. Regalia, Frigga, Xewk, Thora, Sribna, Kjarik, and some others. Technically Herleif too. Maybe Jorunn was a royal too? Wasn't she Queen Frigga's daughter? But he couldn't recall if he had ever met this man in the Kingdom. He seemed younger than Perses by three seasons...which means he probably was around when Perses was cast from the Kingdom, probably a yearling.

"I saw you at the meeting and didn't recognize you. I was curious. And I know quite a bit of the Council members."

OOC⟶ I'm sorry about the crappy reply. Didn't know where I was going with it
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