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A storm was brewing, dynamic and chaotic like that of a tornado draped in fire; clouds of gloom parried overhead, rumbling in great gatspy for what was yet to come. Atop the Eldr’s summit sat a man of power and province, materializing into existence like he’d done many times before as platinum eyes stared in godly glory. It’d been far too long since anything interesting coveted the mortal realm, had it not? The Weaver of Fate was all for rebellions, of course, and cared only for sourcing a means of entertainment, or perhaps seeing the petals squirm in absolute mercy. Whatever came first, really. Like every year, festivities from Syuna offered more than just friendship and love -- it rattled the wolf’s core in every sense of the word -- a ploy played heavy on Defros’ thoughts. He snarled in feverous laughter, disgusted by the playdates and private possies. There’d be no flavour without a little spice; particles of divination swirled athwart the avatar’s existence as the air grew thin, those over-extended canines licking the very lips he bore. A smirk unfurled, spiraling horns only adding to his gargantuan size –– robe of russet and timber sported dominance nonetheless, looking down once more. He was here for one thing and one thing only, disliking how comfortable the creatures of Yavania had become. Well, for now.

They needed a little disorder to spruce up the intricacies of spring.

The Weaver of Fate was good at that, no? Yeah, he thought so. This would be fun, and just like that, Defros disappeared in a fiery of menacing cackles. Dark, daring, druid.

He walks. | "He talks."


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