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Festival Fertility Feast

The Avatars
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Fertility Feast

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It was time and Syuna was more than pleased. Her eyes scanned the whole of Yavania as Syuna looked down from the realm of the Avatars. Her soft gaze would grace each mortal that called Yavania home. The desire to bring them together motivated her. Connections would be made, but it was yet to be seen if they would all be good or not. Drawing herself to her feet, she moved to act upon her desire.

With a flash of light, Syuna appeared in the center of the Divine Fields. Before calling for the creatures of Yavania, Syuna would bring forth food. Meats that ranged from white to red would come forth. Fish, poultry, buffalo -- if it could be named, Syuna made sure that it was there. She did not forget the herbivores, for no less important were they in her eyes. Fruits and grasses, grain and anything else that a herbivore would need also made its timely appearance. It sprouted upwards, appearing much like the cooked meat did in a twist of time. Syuna gave a satisfied nod.

Silken blankets, scattered and plentiful, offered places to rest. Giving a smile of appreciation, the Child Bearer would not even raise her voice. She didn't need to - her Avatar status would make sure that her words would reach to the far recesses of Yavania. No one would be left out from the open invitation. Syuna cared about all of those that were living in these lands and she wanted them each to find happiness. "Come, Yavanians," she said, her voice caring to all of those in residence of Yavania. "Join me in my Feast." Once she was done, the Child Bearer would smile before she would vanish in another flash of light. Disappearing back to where she rested, the lioness would simply watch from afar.

Syuna has invited all the creatures of Yavania to partake in a feast to celebrate life, love, and family beneath the tree in Divine Fields! Attending this thread will grant your character 6 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attended Fertility Feast."

To partake in the Fertility Festival in general, make a thread in Divine Fields, Avatar Temple, or Syuna's Courtyard with [FF] in the title. [FF] threads that are completed are worth 6 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Completed an [FF] Thread." Each character may participate in as many FF threads as they desire; there is no limit on rewards for [FF] threads.

This festival goes from Feb 12th-26th. The timeline for the festival is as follows: the Feast (daytime), Syuna's Playdates (daytime), Syuna's Matches (dusk), other [FF] threads. After the 26th, no more [FF] threads can be made.

If your character attends the Feast, Syuna's Matches, OR participates in an FF thread, they can also claim 6 AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attend a Festival."

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!


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RE: Fertility Feast

Perses Stormbringer ❊
The North Remembers

Perses saw that spring had come to the lands again. And he was wrought in turmoil as he wondered if it was time to disband the Legion. He had seen leadership take Akeela and Kallisto. And he wondered if it would take him next. But he heard the voice he recognized. A feast?

With melancholy, he remembered he attended a feast with Queen Akeela and Kallisto. But he called for other Legion members if they wanted to attend the feast in the Divine Lands. And then he led Valravn and Pualani to the feast. Hopefully Anastasia would join them.

Pualani had grown into an adult as had Anastasia. He felt like he had missed most of their childhood since he hadn't been there for it. Leadership had kept him away and he was feeling at lost.

But he kept those feelings off of his face. Perhaps he could wait? As didn't Legion members deserve a nice feast. Perhaps after this was all over, he would disband the Legion. Heavy was the head that wore the crown but a guilty conscious was just as weighty.

Perses had been a faliure of a father. He hadn't been present for their childhood and had barely been home. He felt like a faliure of a leader as he was weighed with uncertainty.

And would the Kingdom accept him and his family if he decided to go there? It had been seasons without word. Would he disband the Legion and go to the Kingdom, only to find that they wouldn't allow him in?

He pushed these thoughts to the side as he arrived at the feast.

Pualani bounded ahead to find cooked meats and Valravna and Perses walked together. They each found cooked meat and dragged it away. They recovened in a circle -- with a space empty between Valravn and Perses for Anastasia -- and Perses had brought a second meat for his daughter. And they began to eat.

OOC⟶ PP'd Valravn and Pualani in my posts. Perses has called for Legion members to join him at the feast.
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RE: Fertility Feast

Missy Papa

Missy Papa could be an independent lady. Willy could just find her eventually. It wasn't like she was alone anymore. Not with Rosemary around. Yes, she admitted that sometimes she forgot that she was supposed to be taking care of the pup, but could you really blame her?

A new voice entered her otherwise busy head. Oh! That was new! Missy felt her tummy rumble at the mention of a feast. Goodie gumdrops, she was gonna tear it up. "Rosemary? Follow Missy to a feast. Lots of food to snack on!" She didn't know if the pup was close by or not, but she would at least make the effort to let the kid know where she was.

Ocean eyes ignored the wolves -- they weren't of any importance to her -- and headed straight to the food. Her mouth was salivating at the smell already.

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RE: Fertility Feast

(This post was last modified: 02-12-2021, 03:29 PM by Anubia. Edited 3 times in total.)
This is the red, orange yellow-flicker beat
Sparking up my heart

Anubia was tired. Not physically but mentally. Like why did she decide to have three children? But she heard a familiar voice in her head. Sekhemet! The woman that had brought her her Quamar. And the kids could use some time outside of the Kingdom.

The kids were lucky that the Divine Lands were so close. And that there was a bridge over one of the rivers. She would slow her pace or carry them if she needed to. And she was lucky that the stream wasn't too high so she could get her children across one at a time. But finally they were there. And she brought the puppies over to the meat. It was about time to allow them to eat so she tore up some cooked meat into tiny chunks for the puppies to try. She even chewed some of it up for them.

"Come on little ones. Let's try some meat that Sekhemet has given us."

She hoped that Iwao wouldn't be here. She didn't want their father to be in their lives. This was a no-strings attached kind of thing.

Yes, Qamar would probably have questions. But she would cross that bridge when she got there.

OOC⟶ Permission to PP babies were given by Tsubasa, Raton, and Silverfrost

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RE: Fertility Feast

(This post was last modified: 02-12-2021, 03:29 PM by Cittagazze. Edited 1 time in total.)

Cittagazze followed her mother on the last legs on their journey. She'd never been this far from her home before. She got to be carried by mama! The water had been scary but mama helped her along the way. She was wide-eyed at all the things she saw. The flowers on the trees! So nice and pretty they were! And the stacks of stones she saw!

Cittagazze watched her mama chew up the meat. And tell her that Sekhemet had given it to them. But it wasn't the milk from her mother. But mother had chewed it up for her! So it must be good, right?

She began to eat the meat, chewing it like mama had. And then she swallowed it. It tasted...different.


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RE: Fertility Feast

A strange voice roused him from his slumber and caused him to rise to paws of sand. Shaking mane of snow out, the brute would stroll towards the sound. Coming to a clearing filled with people. What an exciting time for most. For him, not so much. Paws silently carried the male to the table where he settled down alone.

Unless one spoke to the beast, he would focus on the meat of a rather large variety. Deciding upon flesh of gazelle. A creature he often had a taste for. As such, he settled in with his meal. Opting to eat alone as eyes of blood and water judged those about with mild amusement trickling through him.

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RE: Fertility Feast

Bellona Rose
So you think you can dance

Bellona was near her sisters realm just outside the borders. She had been traveling for a bit but of course he needed to see her nephews. There was no way they were growing up without knowing their Auntie. So she let out a soft woof hoping to just call for her nephews. "Oh Nephews. Wanna go explore with Auntie Bell, maybe scare ya moms a bit?" She called out. If they were like the Rose's they would already be near the border. If they were like their other mom, then operation corruption would commence. After all she need little side kicked and having her own did not sound appealing at the moment so she would need her nephews for that.

If they showed up she would start walking towards the divine lands.

-time skip-

Once she got there she looked around her. No one seemed familiar except for the damn hyena that had the one kid. Of course she didn't see the child around anywhere. She could rectify that next time she came a crossed the child alone. No adult would go anywhere without their young.

Her eyes caught on the meet and she smirked before moving towards it. Heck yes she wanted some of that.

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RE: Fertility Feast

Food. The mention of it made the white pup stir in time to see Missy heading off in the distance. Startled, she let out a soft Yelp before running after the stranger made guardian. Little feet guiding her to the scene of food. Eyes wide as fruits and meats alike caught her gaze.

Her paws brought her through the strangers and up to the table. Yet, she took nothing. Studying the fruits and debating on what she wanted. Was it really all that many types? She had never seen so much food.

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RE: Fertility Feast

That voice was not one she knew. Yet, she knew it had to be one of the Avatars. Yes, her power led her to believe in that. As such, she moved alone with steady paws. Guided to a feast filled with strangers. Yes, this was the place. Everyone looked so happy. So care free.

Alas, Esmeralda did not pause to enjoy it. No, in fact, she stood nearby scanning the crowed for a face she desperately wanted to see again. Her friend would show up, right? The wolf missed her fishing buddy a lot more then she realized.

Alas, the tigress was not here yet and the wolf found herself settling alone at the end of a table with a stack of mudbug meat. Savoring the taste and the memory.

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RE: Fertility Feast

Layla Dame

Layla decided to go ahead and enjoy for the first time a chance to adventure herself out, and yet she wasnt alone. A Valkyrja named Eir acceded to accompany her, she was a wolf but she belonged to her mother's army. The same her sister belonged to so she didn't feel as scared as she would should these wolves be of something else away from her family. Both went forward to the divine fields as finally, she was going to do what her sister Hera said some time ago, about trying to find friends without fear.

But it was hard for her and a part of her wanted to back away but they were already far and she didn't want to waste the time Eir was giving her for her wellbeing. And like that, both arrived, and Layla saw food and blankets everywhere. There were meals for herbivores too so carefully she approached not before noticing there were wolves. Four of them(she has never seen a maned wolf nor a jackal so she thinks they are wolves). Ears switched backward as she ran quickly to the herbivore section of the feast and with her heart pounding hard she tried to eat grass. Eir sat down beside her to be there for protecting the deer. No one will hurt her while she was here.

She wanted to run and hide but she couldn't she had to be brave even if that could be the hardest thing in her entire life. ' Not all wolves are bad...' She told herself in an attempt to calm down. Silently she took a portion of grapes. But then from nowhere, a branch of new berries appeared there where there wasnt anything before. Little she knew those were Good berries product of her own magic, curious she sniffed them before taking one into her mouth and upon eating, she suddenly stopped feeling hunger.

OC- PPed Eir as I play her.

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