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Tyra was completely tired and boy did it show. She spent a lot of time hunting with little breaks in between. Not only that, she was still looking for a place to call home. She was alone, and being alone seemed to be hard work. Tyra sighed as she decided to take some much needed her time. She picked out a tree of no importance and walked over. With a big stretch she relaxed and settled down. Tyra then laid down with her head between her paws and yawned. Sleep is what she wanted. No, sleep is what she needed. Tyra should be aware of her surroundings, but messing with a wolverine was not a smart choice. Wolverines had sharp bone crushing teeth with a bone crushing bite force. That wasn't something to mess with. Tyra fell asleep quickly under the tree. She wouldn't mind if someone waked her, as long as they had no ill intent. Tyra should make a den somewhere soon. It would keep her out of the rain, even though there was none at the moment. A permanent home would be nice.


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