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La de da

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La de da

Hades Grimm

A devil made in heaven and sent from above

Hades woke early to do a patrol before heading out. The moon still shone brightly in the sky when he left, sleep slowly blurring the edges of his vision. The lion blinked the fatigue away -- or at least he tried to. Black paws once more crossed through the portal. But he wasn't going to stay at the ruins, no, he wished to explore further.

He decided then that his two sons would probably take over the realm once they were of age. That wasn't to say that that was the only reason he tried to get Canute pregnant. Hades just wanted to have a nice relaxing hideaway where he could do to when things grew to be too much. Of course he could always have Nuka take over again, but that was too easy. His sons would be good enough for the role. Probably.

He came across a vast forest of green. The air was warm and the sun was just beginning to trade places with the moon. How long had he been out for? No matter, he just wanted to stretch his legs a bit. Still, he didn't want those back in the den to worry. Well shit.

The monarch sighed. It would be best to head back soon. With this in mind, he would slowly waltz back to the portal. Back to his life.


Actions | "Speech" | Magic
stock from Alex Berger

Hades is rated M for swearing. His thoughts and actions in no way reflect my own

His body is always ice cold, like a corpse, due to the passive powers of CHILL


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