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Owie sorry

It was late at night, too late in Kjarik's mind, he wasn't used with stating this late. Or atleast not without a good reason. And tonight he had been too submerged in his reading within the library that he lost the track of time. Now that he was out, be decided to do a patrol despite how dark it was. But his duties weren't done yet, he still wanted to do this before going to bed. Besides this time of the night it could be easier for any trespassers to sneak in under the night.

His walk was confident but eyes of emerald and purple moved around in order to being in alert for anything. He didn't have light magic so he won't be able to produce any light to help him move through the night better. His smell and hearing were his only tools to move.

An hour passed and be was done, done with checking all he could from the borders. Then he turned and walked within the territory getting away from the borders heading back to the Fritjov mannor. Where he currently resided in.

He sighed as his pale figure broke between the blossom trees. As he walked his paws let a flower trail form behind them due to his use of Green paw.


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